10 Best Battle Royale android games

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OPTIC AXCESS — Battle Royale genre game is very well-liked by gamers. At present even the popularity of online games is increasingly famous and much loved. For example, we can see at the appearance of an Android game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or we are familiar with the abbreviation PUBG. Gamers flocked to try until now the users continue to increase to beat the popularity of DOTA 2. The PUBG game was first released on March 23, 2017, until 2018, precisely on February 9, Tencent Games collaborated with Bluehole and brought PUBG mobile on Android. Well, games on Android especially those dubbed the best Battle Royale?

In today’s sophisticated era, there are many types of online and offline games in circulation. Even the game that carries the battle royal is also the most favorite for gamers. Besides PUBG, there are many more games on this mobile phone that are ready to increase its popularity. The development of each online game on this smartphone continues. It aims to attract more users, even for beginners who are still unfamiliar in playing this battle royale game.

Even though playing games like the battle roys require an HP smartphone that has quite high specifications, the customers don’t feel burdened, instead they support anything to add to the sensation of playing games. In the past, games lovers like children and teenagers loved playing on PC Laptops and computers, now online games can be played anywhere and anytime via an Android phone. The game can also be tailored to the tastes of users, some like to battle royal with one player or individual independently, but many also like the team. The goal is to survive and win.

From year to year more and more games are popping up, if you are indeed an online game lover, of course, you know what the latest battle royal games are, right? This year alone, Android games that have been widely used are constantly being updated with the latest features so the sensation of playing will be new and you must try. If you intend to play every game of Battle Royal on a smartphone, you should immediately look for any games that are included in the list of the best battle royale games this season.

10 Best Battle Royale android games

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The first game that we mentioned a little earlier was PUBG. This game with full name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the best-selling games and is in great demand by various game lovers. By carrying out the genre of battle to survive on a PC, making it quite well-known, coupled since its appearance on Android phones. Certainly PUBG Mobile reaches a wider market.

One of the newest features in this game is the use of unreal engine 4 technology that allows users to feel a very stunning visual form. Where there will be rich details, the effects of realistic gameplay, and there are quite large HD maps for Battle Royale. Wouldn’t your game be more exciting?

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2. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, you must be familiar with this one war game. Just like other battle games, the key to victory in these free fire battlegrounds is to survive to win. Previously you will be placed on a very remote island along with 49 other players who will fight each other and survive. The game will be tenser when as time goes on the battlefield will get smaller and narrower.

This Free Fire game is a project created by a small developer team in the Garena area. The longer, slowly the game continues to show its development to be able to meet the high standards of other games. Interested in playing?

3. Knives Out

Android games that don’t want to lose from the other games above are Knives Out. Having the same publisher as the Game Rules of Survival, Knives out also comes with the same genre as the Rules of Survival and PUBG. Knives Out which is capable of carrying 100 players to fight on one island at the same time has a map area of ​​6.4 square kilometers. For the provisions of players who win in this fight are players who are able to survive and only leave one player.

4. Rules of Survival

Next is the Rules of Survival. This game appeared for the first time in 2017. The game carried on this Android is a battle royale genre game that comes with a mobile version earlier than PUBG mobile. With the latest version update, now the Rules of Survival has a new feature by presenting a map area of ​​8 KM square and supporting 300 players at the same time before this game only carried 120 players.

More interesting because this game has amazing 3D graphics and there are game controls that are easy to master, suitable for beginners. So, it doesn’t hurt you to try to play this game with your friends.

5. Survivor Royale

This Android version of the game is presented nicely where you can choose to fight alone or join the best teams in mode 2 or 4 to defeat the other players. Survivor Royale itself is a game presented by NetEase. This Battel Royale genre game was also created by the same development team as the Rules of Survival game. No less with similar games, Survivor Royale has its own characteristics and characteristics which of course can impress you. This game with 110 participants is able to make you addicted to playing.

6. Last Battlegrounds: Survival

This game with a quota of 40 participants will put you on an island with other players without capital weapons. You must strive to find and use various items and be careful to defeat your opponent. Over time, you will feel the safe zone of the island will begin to narrow and shrink and certain areas will also experience bombardment. All you need to consider also in each safe zone will change randomly in each match. So you will be allowed to have fresh new experiences every time you play the game.

7. FortCraft

FortCraft is an online game that has the same development team as the Rules of Survival. This game has the same characteristics and styles, similar graphics, also the technique of building a fort that is exactly the same as the Fortnite game. If you have heard or tried this game before, surely you will understand the location of the equation. While in ForCraft you will be given the freedom to make or build a fort so that it can be very helpful in your defense.

However, what needs to be considered is that the players have to look for resources or properties contained in a 4 KM square map to be able to build a fort. If you want to try this game immediately, please be patient first because this game is still entering a limited stage and for certain people.

8. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel War

This game has a difference from the other battle royale games. Is that? If you play it for sure you will feel that Grand Battle Royale uses a box or pixel graphics like Minecraft so that it will look funnier. Although it will look funnier, but know that you must stay alive by trying to defeat the other enemies.

As for the battlefield location used is an island that is far like a dead city somewhere in the sea, plus this place is surrounded by a mysterious blue zone. For the main task that you run is to stay safe and eliminate all your enemies.

9. Creative Destruction

This one fighting game is perfect for those of you who really enjoy playing with player models like cartoons. When playing Creative Destruction, you will again remember the Fortnite game. But for Creative Destruction, it will look simpler and not as modern as Fortnite. If on PUBG mobile we can stay in one place, but in this game, you are not allowed. Because if you just keep quiet there will be different attacks like a snowstorm. To be able to play Creative Destruction, you need at least 850 MB of storage.

10. Hopeless Land

The game on Android that doesn’t need to be doubted is the Hopeless Land. Have you ever played it before? If not, please try, because you can feel fit and addicted to playing it. Gameplay and other things in this game can no longer be doubted. Just like the PUBG game and other battle royale genre games Hopeless Land has the criteria of a winner who can survive by leaving only the best player. In this game, you try to survive from the other 120 participants. But take it easy, the level of difficulty is still reasonable, also for you beginners.

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This is complete information about the best series of war games with high ratings and in the future, it will definitely continue to increase. You are more interested in playing which one first? Actually, there are many more sequences included in this battle game list, so don’t hesitate to look for other information references. The type of game that has been described above is the most favorite one that is loved by gamers today. Those of you who keep the update must have never missed it since it appeared right?

Android gamers will definitely need this information as a series to add entertainment and excitement to playing online games. As additional suggestions and tips to further increase your sensation to play the game above, please use a mobile device that has a large chipset and RAM so that later you can play it with maximum graphics. So much information about the world of this game, hopefully, useful and good luck.