2 Ways to Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop

Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop with 2 Simple Ways

How To Laptop Lenovo

OPTICXCESS — Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop. Lenovo is one of the big companies from China which is famous for its attractive specifications of laptops at affordable prices.

You could say Lenovo always brings innovation on its newest laptop, but it is offset by the price that remains affordable. Although interesting, but some users do not know how to do screenshots on Lenovo laptops.

2 Ways to Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop to Save the Screen Display

For that, for those of you who are curious about the screen on Lenovo laptops, you can see the tutorial as follows:

How to Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop With the PrtSc Button

  • First, you can specify the area to be screenshot
  • After the area is determined, then you can press the button labeled PrtSc which is usually on the top right corner of the keyboard
  • After pressing the button, you can open software that can edit images such as Paint that are directly on Windows 10
  • After the software is open, you can immediately press the Ctrl + V key combination simultaneously to Paste
  • Later the screenshot can be edited first and immediately saved in the specified folder

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You could say this method is very easy to do on Lenovo laptops because almost all laptops that are sold have been provided with the PrtSc keyboard button to do screenshots quickly.

Using the Snipping Tool

  • First, you can specify the area to be taken
  • After the area is selected, you can search for the Snipping Tool in the Start menu by typing its name in the search field
  • After the software is open, a floating menu list will appear and you can choose the New button
  • After that, you can directly screenshot and save it on the laptop

As a note … This Snipping Tool has several Modes consisting of Free-form Snipping, Rectangular Snipping, Windows Snipping, and Fullscreen Snipping. Free-form is a mode that allows you to take screenshots in free form as you wish.

While Rectangular Snipping allows screenshots in the form of squares of various sizes. Furthermore, Windows Snipping allows screenshots for open application windows.

Finally, Fullscreen Snipping allows you to do screenshots with a full-screen area. Well, this one method is quite easy and complete because it uses the default Windows software.

But if you use an operating system other than Windows, then using the PrtSc key on the keyboard is an easy and fast choice.

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