What is Fast Boot and Recovery? And what’s the difference?

What is Fast Boot and Recovery? And what’s the difference?

When dealing with Android devices, there are several tools that you should understand. Both of them are fast boot and recovery, which have some similarities but are very different.

These two tools are the basic tools that together can be a solution when our Android devices experience interference on the side of the software or when we will force an update to the latest system.

What is Fast Boot and Recovery? And what's the difference? 1
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Usually both also need an unlock bootloader (UBL) or unlock OEM, except for recovery defaults that have very limited features and capabilities.

To learn more about fastboot and recovery on Android devices, here is a review of the definitions of the two tools along with the similarities and differences between the two

What is Fast Boot?

Fastboot is one of the tools in the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This tool serves as a diagnostic protocol equipped with an SDK package to modify the system via USB connectivity.

This protocol will then bridge certain commands from the command line (either from the command prompt or linux terminal) that are sent via USB from the host computer to the Android device.

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What is recovery?

Recovery is a special partition that contains the recovery console. In the recovery console, users can use various tools to repair the installed system, including by reinstalling the system or updating the system.

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Basically, Android devices that are on the market are equipped with a built-in recovery system. The function possessed by this recovery is very limited, that is, just deleting data and providing system updates manually.

For more features, Android device users can use special recovery, such as CWM (ClockworkMod) or TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project). Special recovery usually offers more complete features but requires a UBL.

Similarities to Fast Boot and Recovery

Both of these tools can be used to repair software from damaged Android devices. As explained earlier, through both, users can also update or update the system.

Difference between Fast Boot and Recovery

The most noticeable difference from fast boot and recovery is the use of a host computer. If Fastboot requires a host computer, recovery can be used without the need for a computer.

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