How to fix cannot enter the Google Play Store

How to fix cannot enter the Google Play Store

Confused that I can’t enter the Google Play Store because when I open the application an error appears such as Connection Time out, No Connection (no connection), Check your connection (check connection), etc.?

Even though there is no problem with internet connection on your Android phone, you can still browse, download, BBM, watch Youtube or do other online activities.

There are several ways to fix the above error which will be Info Technology discuss in this article, starting from the very easy to quite difficult because the cellphone must be rooted. Here’s how.

How to fix cannot enter the Google Play Store

Connect via Wifi – Restart

Open the Play Store via a Wifi connection, if you can connect to PlayStore, the source of the problem is on the mobile operator. Try also restarting your cellphone because usually the problem of applications on Android can be fixed simply by restarting (or pulling out the battery if possible).

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Fix hours and dates

Incorrect hours or dates will make the Play store server refuse to connect with Android devices. Therefore, make sure the clock, date, time zone on the handphone are correct.

Change the date settings in Settings> System> Date & Time (Settings> Application> System> Date & Time), then change them manually or you can use the automatic settings provided by the mobile operator.

Delete Google Play application data

The way to fix Google play store which is usually effective and directly overcomes the problem is to clear cache, data and uninstall updates that are in the Google Play application.

Go to the Settings menu> Apps> All (Settings> Applications), search from the list that appears the name Google Play Store and Google Play Store Services. You will see several buttons like the picture. Press the Delete Cache button Delete Data for both applications.

Reopen the Google Play Store, and then when opening it you will be asked to enter/select the account used to enter / login to Playstore.

Edit hosts file to fix errors cannot enter the play store

In some types of Android phones (tablets) and Custom ROMs embedded additional settings that determine the IP address of Google Play that can make problems cannot enter the play store.

How to improve the Google Play store if the conditions above are Android phones already rooted. This must be done because we will update the hosts’ Android files located in the file system.

Use the file explorer application like ES File Explorer, Root Explorer, etc. then enter the folder/system/ etc, open the host file, then delete the line that points to the google server.

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