How to Add Background Music to Whatsapp Status – Today I will show How to Add Background Music to Whatsapp Status. Whatsapp status which doesn’t have sound is very bland when uploaded. Adding background music to the WA status will make the status more interesting.

Adding background here will be done on videos that do not have sound. Adding background music on Whatsapp is actually not only done on videos that do not have sound, maybe we want to change the background sound of the video that is not good to hear because there is a crackling sound or because of other things that require us to delete the video sound.

In WhatsApp, as we know it does not have special features to add music to the status. So, we need to do it using third-party applications in matters of adding music to the video. Actually adding this sound background is not only for Whatsapp status but we can use it for other purposes such as editing videos, making memorable videos, stories, etc.

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One application that we can use to Add Background Music to Whatsapp Status is the Music Editor Video application by InShot. In addition, we can change/add background sound to the video. Not only video, but we can also add background music to photos. Now, without the need for lengthening again, here is a complete tutorial on How to Add Background Music on Whatsapp Status.

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How To Add Background Music On Whatsapp Status

First of all, you first download the Video Editor Music by InShot application from Playstore.

If the application has been opened, then you select the file type that will be the status of WhatsApp. In this case for example video. Then you find out where the video you want to be is on.

Then the video will enter the editing storyline. Please make a video clip. If it feels right, just click the check button.

Then you click the music icon.

Please choose the music you want. There are two choices, using standard music provided by the application or using your own music from our smartphone. For example, here I use the standard music provided.

Next, you adjust the video volume and music volume. Video volume is the sound on the video itself, while the music volume is the volume on the background music. For music to be smooth, we check the Fade outbox. Then click OK when done.

Then you click the check icon.

Then you click save and please choose the type of quality you want.

If you have saved the video, then just upload it to Whatsapp. Click the Wa button.

Then click the “My status” icon to upload it to your WhatsApp. Easy enough right?

That was how to add background music on Whatsapp status hopefully useful. Oh yes, as explained above that we not only add the standard music background that is applied itself, but we can add our own music to add.

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