How to Become an Instagram Top Comment on Famous Account Posts

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How to Become an Instagram Top Comment on Famous Account Posts – Being a top comment on IG is great for increasing followers. Being top means being the most viewed comment because comments get lots of responses and likes.

Comments that are less interesting or hit will be less responded. So, we need to make good comments and in accordance with the content that we want to comment on. Here’s how to be a top comment:

How to Become an Instagram Top Comment

Comments consist of several types, controversial comments, opinions, and positive comments. You just choose which type. Each comment has advantages and disadvantages.

1. Controversial comments

Controversial comments usually conflict with the content displayed or these comments we can call negative comments. If you make a controversial comment, it will be very quick to reap the response, but the drawbacks, not infrequently the commentator will be blasphemed out by other netizens with scathing comments.

2. Comment Opinion

Comments on opinions generally only express opinions and also experience. When making opinion comments, there are relatively fewer readers, because usually, the text is too long. If the experience is interesting, even though the text is long, surely many people will read it to the end. Conversely, if the comments are complicated, people will be lazy to like or comment.

3. Positive comments

Positive comments are kind of supportive comments, appeals, and good criticism. For positive types of comments comment that provides positive ratings such as “interesting content”, good, cool, wow, extraordinary.

This comment is mediocre, but if a lot of “good people” see your comments, the more likes it will have. If on the contrary, it is mostly “toxic” that sees your comment then it will only be considered a breeze.

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Now after reading the various comments above, then you already know what kind of comments will be made. Oh yes, these tips are actually not just to be a top comment on Instagram but can be applied in other social media such as Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Remember, your comments are a reflection of yourself, if your comments are positive, you are positive, if negative means you are a negative person (being poisoned), if you like making opinion comments, then you are a typical person who is looking for safety. Remember, this article is based on my opinion, accepted, please refuse, it’s okay.

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How to Become an Instagram Top Comment by Using Tools

The tools referred to here are in the form of websites. I have already tried using it and really my comments are immediately ranked top.

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The comments were mediocre, but about 200 people had sold them. The method is very easy, you just wait for about an hour to see the results after the following trick you have done. Above are not edited, but real people likers. Curious? let’s check it out!

First of all, you guys comment on the content of one of the well-known IGs. After that, you copy the content link. How to copy it like this:

Open the site via your web browser. Then you paste in the following column.

Then you click the submit button (don’t know what the text is). Wait a while until the comment list appears. Look for your comment there, then click the love icon.

Next, you are asked to enter how many likes you want (max. 200) if you have, click submit… Then wait a few moments for your comments to be hit by lots of people. (about an hour or so will look like it.

Well, that was the How to Become an Instagram Top Comment on Famous Account Posts, hopefully useful. I say good luck and hopefully, there are no obstacles at all. Remember, the above trick is proven, and not the result of engineering, editing, or so on. Thanks.

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