How to Connect an External Hard Drive to an Android Phone

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How to Connect an External Hard Drive to an Android Phone – Today I will show you how to connect an external hard drive to an Android phone. Connecting an external hard drive to Android must use a connector.

The connector that needs to be provided to connect the two devices most commonly used is the OTG type connector. OTG connector uses a cable or not. For those who do not use cables are usually enough to be called “OTG connectors” while those using cables are called “OTG cables”.

To get your own OTG cable, you can buy it at the nearest computer shop or smartphone accessories. Alternatively, you can buy it online. The price of OTG cable ranges from 5 thousand to 15 thousand.

Try to imagine how it is possible to plug an external USB hard drive into the smartphone USB hole that is too small. Therefore, one of the functions of OTG is to convert the large USB plug into a small one so that it can be connected to a smartphone.

Almost all smartphones today can be connected with an OTG cable. However, there are also some cellphones that cannot be connected. Generally the latest types of smartphones especially Android can already.

To determine whether your smartphone supports OTG cable, you can double-check your smartphone specifications listed on the back of the dos or in your smartphone’s manual. Make sure the connectivity specifications are “USB On-The-Go”.

If there is no writing USB On-The-Go means your smartphone does not yet support the OTG connector/cable. However, if your smartphone’s dos or manuals are gone, you can check on the internet according to your smartphone type.

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Another problem that often arises is when our smartphone supports OTG cables but cannot detect or connect to OTG cables. Therefore, I have written an earlier article on How to Overcome Undetected OTG Cables to overcome them.

Well, how to connect an external hard drive to an Android mobile phone is actually quite easy as long as friends prepare tools and materials such as data / USB cables and OTG connectors/cables as well as hard drives and smartphones to be connected.

How to Connect an External Hard Drive to an Android Phone

First of all, you need to install the Microsoft exFAT / NTFS for USB application.

Next, please connect the external hard drive, USB cable, OTG connector, and Smartphone.

Then run the Microsoft exFAT / NTFS for USB application. After that click the Mount button.

Then you will be asked to log in to your google or facebook account. This time we will try to log in using a Google account.

When you have successfully logged in, you click the Open button.

Then you will be asked to install the default file manager application Microsoft exFAT / NTFS for USB. So you click Open Google Play.

Then you install the Total Commander application so you can access files from an external hard drive. Then run

Well, then you click on Microsoft exFAT / NTFS for USB.

Then you click on the folder called each of your hard disk brands. In this case Seagate.

After that, you will see all the files in your external hard drive. As usual, you can modify data such as moving, deleting, renaming, and opening files inside such as photos, videos, documents, etc.

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