How to Remotely Android From Distance

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How to Remotely Android From Distance – Today we will show you a tutorial How to Remotely Android From the Distance.

Remotely means to control another Android smartphone from the smartphone that we use today. Other Androids meant here could be someone else’s or our second smartphone.

Remodeling someone else’s smartphone is perfect if we want to prank the remote smartphone owner. The target will be confusion and wonder what exactly happens with the smartphone that suddenly moves and operates on its own.

Before we try to target, we secretly look for opportunities first so we can access the target smartphone so that we can pair/connect between the target smartphone and our smartphone that acts as a remote.

Pairing here means matching the target id address and our smartphone. To configure the id, we need to install the Team Viewer Quick Support application on the target smartphone. While smartphones that act as a remote, we will install an application called Team Viewer for Remote Control.

So the mechanism is that the application installed by Team Viewer Quick Support (on the target cellphone) will provide an id number where this number will be asked to be entered into the Team Viewer for Remote Control application (on the cell phone that acts as a remote).

To be clearer, this is a complete explanation and tutorial on How to Remotely Android to Android from a Long Distance without being caught, which is very suitable when used to prank friends or other people’s smartphones.

How to Remotely Android From Distance

First of all, as mentioned above, on the target smartphone, you install the Team Viewer Quick Support application which can be downloaded from Playstore.

Next, you run the newly installed application. Then this application will automatically provide an ID number.

Then, you install the Team Viewer for Remote Control application again on a smartphone that acts as a remote. The application is free and you can download it from Playstore.

Then you enter the id number listed on the target cell in the Partner ID column on the cell that acts as a remote. Then click the “Remote Control” button.

Then on the target cell, you click the “Allow” button to grant control permission by the controller smartphone. Now, whatever activities are carried out on the smartphone that acts as a remote, the target smartphone will automatically follow it. That’s all

That was the tutorial on How to Remotely Android Without Being Caught, hopefully, it can be used wisely and responsibly. Another function of this tutorial is actually to remotely on our second smartphone so that all activities that we do on the first smartphone can be copied by the second smartphone whether it’s because of the need to control children under five who use smartphones or supervise children using smartphones, etc.

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