How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services for You Who Don’t Want to Be Disturbed

OPTIC AXCESS — How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services for You Who Don’t Want to Be Disturbed. Basically, every status or story that we share on the WhatsApp service will be displayed to everyone who enters the contact list, aka can be seen by them.

Therefore, we need to set the preference options as needed, through setting the WhatsApp application itself, if you want better data privacy.

Like for example, when you don’t want all WhatsApp stories to be seen or commented on by A, you can hide by putting A in the list that you can’t see.

In this case, you don’t need to delete the A’s contact from the WhatsApp contact list on the smartphone, but simply manage it through WhatsApp settings.

For those who are still confused, you can follow the following steps. Here are How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services.

How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services

How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services from Others

First, open WhatsApp settings. On an Android device, for example, you can open WhatsApp settings by tapping on another menu (three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the application), then select Settings.

How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services

After successfully entering the settings page, then look for the Account option, then enter the Privacy section. From that page, then tap the Status option, then change the preference to My contacts except or Only share with.

The difference is, you can choose My contacts except to choose who can’t see your story, while you can choose Only share with to choose who can see it.

After entering one of the preferences, select the contact who will be allowed to access the status or not, then press the checkmark (for the WhatsApp application on Android devices).

In addition, you can select Only share with without selecting contacts to hide stories from everyone in the contact list.

Meanwhile, to restore it you can select the My Contacts option in that preference, or enter it in a list that can see your stories in the My contacts except or Only share with option.

How to Hide Other People’s Stories on WhatsApp Services

Besides being able to hide stories from other users, you are also given the option to hide stories of other users that you don’t want, so that they no longer bother you.

In this case, you only need to go to the STATUS page in the WhatsApp application, then tap on the user who will be hidden for a while. If a pop-up appears to mute the status, press the MUTE button.

On this STATUS page too, you can display the stories again. The trick, scroll to the Muted updates section, then long-press on the contact in question, then select UNMUTE.

We hope our article about How to How to Hide Stories on WhatsApp Services can help. Find out more about How To Stuff only in here OPTICXCESS blog.

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