How to play YouTube in the background on an Android phone without a subscription

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OPTICXCESS — Is it true that YouTube service cannot be played behind the scenes on Android-based phones? Don’t believe first if someone says yes, before you try the following steps.

When playing YouTube services on Android, either using the application or using a browser such as Google Chrome, then you try to close it with the Home button, then the video being played will pause automatically.

This certainly can be quite annoying, especially for you who open videos on YouTube to just listen to something, like listening to music to spur productivity or calm the heart for example.

For those not familiar, YouTube can indeed be an alternative to streaming music that is easier to use. Instead of music streaming services like Spotify, we can play selected songs as we want without the need to pay a subscription fee.

Now for that, you can try the following tips, so you can listen to your favorite songs repeatedly, without the need to pour out a subscription fee but still be able to listen legally.

How to play YouTube in the background on an Android phone without a subscription

But before that, you need a browser application that supports desktop (computer) display options. In this case, I suggest Mozilla Firefox because I tried it on Google Chrome (which actually also supports desktop display).

You can download this open-source browser for free through the Google Play Store. And if it’s already installed, you can apply the “desktop site request” setting. It’s easy, you just press the other menu (dot icon) and tap the Request Desktop Site option.

How to play YouTube in the background on an Android phone without a subscription

After that, you can go to or tap on the YouTube icon in the TOP SITES section, then search for the video you want to play. Don’t forget to press the play button!

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After the video runs, you can press the Home button to try whether YouTube videos can run in the background or not. When successful, the sound from the video will still be heard and you will see the notification of the video being played from Firefox in the status bar.

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It’s important to note, using this method, YouTube will play while the browser is still running in the background. For that, do not let you really close the browser, such as by tapping the Recent button and then selecting the close all button.

In addition, for those of you who use other browsers, you can try this method by adjusting the settings. Usually in some other browsers, setting “desktop site requests” is sufficient to write with Desktop Site.

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