How to easily Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A30s

OPTICXCESSHow to easily Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A30s

Samsung Galaxy A30s device offers a wide range of Reshuffle from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy A30.

Some of these, the Galaxy A30s carries a screen with a fingerprint sensor embedded in it, a fuller camera and higher resolution, until the new support is NFC.

Nevertheless, a lot of things from the Galaxy A30 still adopted the Galaxy A30s. One of these, the device still adapts to the screenshots feature that is sometimes indispensable to the user.

How to easily Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A30s

Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A30s

For those of you who do not yet know, just like its predecessor, there are two methods that can generally be used on Galaxy A30s devices, which include screenshots using physical buttons and screenshots with gestures.

The first way, the screenshots using the physical buttons can be done by pressing the Volume Down button and the side button simultaneously, after opening the view or the page you want to capture.

How to easily Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A30s

While the second way, a screenshot using Gesture, can be done by swiping the screen surface from the right side to the left or vice versa, using the side of the palm.

But if the second way is not usable, you can check it first through Settings, then select the Advanced features option, and then go to the Motions and gestures section.

Next in this Settings page, check that the Palm swipe to capture feature is active or not. If it is not already active, you just have to tap the button located beside the Palm swipe to capture option.

Using one of the two ways above, you can take a screen view of a webpage, an app page, or one of the scenes or views in a game, on a Galaxy A30s device.

As for checking or sharing the results, either in the first or second way, you can do so by opening the Gallery app which is fundamentally embedded in the Galaxy A30s.

A few notes, if both methods fail to use, it doesn’t mean there’s a problem with your device. This can happen because the application or feature that is currently running does not allow the screenshots feature to run.

For example, the authentication features that WhatsApp is working on in recent times, where when enabled, other users will not be able to take screenshots.

That is article about how to Screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy A30s.

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