OPTICXCESS – Here are 3 ways to consume coconut water to reduce cholesterol

Coconut water is not just the most popular drink in the tropics to relieve thirst, because coconut water actually contains 4 percent carbohydrates, 95 percent water, 19 calories, and fat and protein less than 1 percent per 100 ml. This water is nutritious and because it is rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium, plus low fat, sodium, and sugar, this drink is safe in reducing high cholesterol according to a study in the 2006 Journal of Medicinal Food.

Here are 3 ways to consume coconut water to reduce cholesterol

When LDL or bad cholesterol levels are too high, while HDL is too low, this can increase the risk of more serious illnesses. For that, lower and stabilize cholesterol levels that have started to rise with the consumption of green coconut water; But how?

Here are 3 ways to consume coconut water to reduce cholesterol

Eating Each After Exercise

For those who are diligent in exercising, always prepare coconut water to drink after finishing physical exercise. The high electrolyte content in coconut water will reduce physical fatigue, help muscles relax and reduce stress. Instead of consuming energy drinks or sports products that are rich in calories and sugar, coconut water is safer for owners of high cholesterol levels.

Drink Fruit Smoothies and Coconut Water Every Morning

Every morning, to reduce the soaring cholesterol levels or just to keep cholesterol levels normal, make a smoothie drink combination of fruits with coconut water. The choice of fruit that can be used is mango, pineapple or banana.

After that mix together with coconut water with mild bean flavor, blender, and serve. May also add yogurt, flaxseeds or almond jam to the smoothie as a protein intake that can be obtained by the body so that the body is powered in the morning.

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Using Coconut Water as Cooking Materials

Cook rice with coconut water instead of plain water. Not only will it add flavor, but the high mineral content of coconut water will also help reduce and neutralize cholesterol levels. Even cooking soup with coconut water can be tried so that high cholesterol can be stable again.

For owners of high cholesterol who are allergic to coconuts, of course, this is not recommended. Even though the fat content is low, coconut water should not be used as a natural diet drug because excessive consumption, especially in the long run, can trigger digestive disorders, such as diarrhea for example. So also pay attention to the level of intake, so not too much; still need more water than coconut water.