Fantastic… Final Fantasy VII Remake Records Sales After Almost 2 Weeks Released

OPTICXCESS — Fantastic … Final Fantasy VII Remake Records Sales After Almost 2 Weeks Released

Final Fantasy VII Remake was a huge success in the market by recording sales of up to 4 million copies after almost 2 weeks of release. Of course, the gameplay is still interesting and the visual value is far more impressive, in fact, it can tempt many players to act through Cloud Strife.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Records Sales

This was revealed by itself officially by Square Enix as the main developer today. According to them, This game itself may be from the angle of the story is still the same, but this game is completely rebuilt using the best modern game technology, reimagining the original iconic game that redefines the RPG genre so that it can provide much more perfect value in the eyes of the reviewers.

Along with unforgettable characters and a story that is worshiped as one of the strongest icons in video games, Final Fantasy VII Remake also features a hybrid battle system that combines real-time action with strategy.

The first game in this project is located in the eclectic city of Midgar and presents a fully independent playing experience that goes deeper into the iconic character and world than ever before.

In the end, this game succeeded in attracting players to the world to be able to act together with Cloud Strife, a former member of the elite Shinra SOLDIER unit who now turned into a mercenary, lending his help to the underground resistance group where they call themselves Avalanche because they fought against the oppressive forces. Shinra

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