Google Will Bring Live Caption Features on Computers Via Chrome

Google Will Bring Live Caption Features on Computers Via Chrome

OPTICXCESS — Google Will Bring Live Caption Features on Computers Via Chrome

The Live Caption feature, which is now one of the best features on Android, will be available on a variety of computer platforms including Windows 10, macOS, and Linux through Google Chrome.

Based on information submitted by the BGR news portal, the feature has now begun to slide for third-party browsers that are widely used by computer users.

Live Caption Features

Users of Windows 10 and macOS devices can now even find it in the developer series, Google Chrome Canary, with version 84.0.4136.2 or newer.

TechDows who discovered this for the first time revealed that the Live Caption feature for Chrome can be activated under the Accessibility category in application settings. For those of you who are confused, you can access it through the URL chrome: // settings/accessibility.

Live Caption feature itself is a feature that works to add text directly to the clip being played, both online video and videos stored locally on the device.

Voice transliteration feature to the written form will be useful for those who can not increase the volume or do not have speakers on the device to watch a video.

Because the feature can work on local videos that don’t even provide a copy of their own text, Live Caption can also be very helpful for those with hearing impairments.

But unfortunately, there is no clearer explanation about whether the Live Caption feature for Chrome will work with the same capabilities as Live Caption on Android or not.

This includes whether the feature for Chrome will work on local video or not considering that the third-party browser does not have privileges on the entire computer system.

In addition to this information limitation, the Live Caption feature for Chrome in the initial launch may also be limited to English with the addition of other language support in the future.

Google itself seems to be planning the introduction of the Live Caption at the annual Google I / O 2020 conference. However, because the event has been canceled due to the spread of Coronavirus, the timing of its introduction is uncertain when it will be held.

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