GTA V Premium Edition is now available free on Epic Games Store

GTA V Premium

OPTICXCESS — GTA V Premium Edition is now available free on Epic Games Store

Of all the fun things in the world, having free original games is certainly one of them. And now, Epic Games brings something valuable for you to get, namely GTA V Premium Edition for free or free. It’s just that the time offered is very limited, so hunt claims before it ends.

GTA V Premium
GTA V Premium

This could be a dream come true, even though the game has been released long enough. However, the fact that gameplay and graphic value are still very feasible to play, especially you can play them online plus a big bonus.

This was revealed by Epic Games Store, which is one of the biggest digital gaming platforms in the world, and in fact, they always bring positive news to gamers who are limited on a budget. The presence of free games every week is one reason why the platform is pretty much loved, especially the choice of extra games that are present exclusively.

GTA V is now part of the free game offered by Epic this week, starting yesterday, the offer will end until May 21, 2020. So, log in to the Epic Games Store application and claim the game immediately. Opportunity is only limited once in your life, especially if you get it normally, you still need a big budget.

So what are you waiting for, this is your very pleasant opportunity to move on to the original game that is provided free of charge. Just, check the minimum specifications before you are really ready to play it.

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