Samsung Now Develops a 250 MP Camera Sensor

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OPTICXCESS — Samsung Now Develops a 250 MP Camera Sensor

After successfully launching a 108 MP camera sensor in 2019 yesterday, Samsung is now reportedly developing a higher resolution camera sensor that reportedly reaches 250 MP.

The camera sensor which in theory can capture images with denser pixel densities will later contain a larger size than the sensors that exist today, which incidentally is still a resolution lower than 200 MP.

Samsung Now Develops a 250 MP Camera Sensor
Samsung Now Develops a 250 MP Camera Sensor

Mydriver which is the center of information about the development of the Samsung 250 MP camera sensor said that the sensor could have a diagonal size of more than one inch with a thicker shape.

Samsung Now Develops a 250 MP Camera Sensor

As an illustration of this, Wikipedia notes that the Samsung S5KHM1 108 MP sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra measures 1 / 1.33 inches while the Samsung S5KGW2 64 MP sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 + only measures 1 / 1.72 inches.

The effort to develop a 250 MP camera sensor is itself a temporary goal from Samsung because the long-term goal is a 600 MP camera sensor.

As we all know, Yongin Park as Samsung’s Head of Sensor Business Team through its editorial page some time ago has revealed plans to develop camera sensors that can capture details better than the human eye. Read Here…

In the editoral, Yongin Park said that the human eye is equivalent to a 500 MP resolution camera sensor. Yim wants to develop sensors beyond that ability so that they can be applied to a variety of needs outside the mobile world.

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In addition to reporting on the development of the 250 MP camera sensor, Mydriver’s interesting report also revealed that Samsung had completed the research and development of a 150 MP resolution camera sensor.

Samsung is likely to mass-produce the finished sensor and market it in the second half of 2020. Xiaomi is likely to become one of its users.

The new era of high-resolution camera phones has indeed begun since 2019 ago. However, the era continued to develop because the resolution and size of camera sensors continued to increase.

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