Hitman 3 Reportedly Released January 2021

Hitman 3 Reportedly Released January 2021

OPTICXCESS — Hitman 3 Reportedly Released January 2021. When Square Enix broke the publishing cooperation relationship with IO Interactive, there was fear that after the first series of Agent 47’s revival in an episodic format it would find its way back to the coffin. However, IO Interactive’s commitment which fortunately gained the rights to the Hitman franchise after the incident made this series continue.

Hitman 3 Reportedly Released January 2021

Support content that continues to be thrown through an update to make gamers come back and come back, complete with solid Hitman-style stealth mechanics, makes the Hitman 2 series a success on the market. Now, the third series finally surfaced!

Hitman 3

Being one of the few games that surfaced at the Playstation 5 event some time ago, Hitman 3 will again bring you to the new adventure Agent 47 at least in 6 different locations, one of which is Dubai. His mission is still trying to finish off Providence’s colleagues who are now beginning to adapt to respond to Agent 47’s actions.

In its official tweet, IO Interactive introduces at least 4 characters who will play super important roles in the story, including Olivia Hall, Lucas Gray, Diana Burnwood, and The Constant.

Hitman 3 itself is planned to be released for January 2021, with still no definitive release date. It will be released for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and of course – PC. How? Interested in this game?

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