Eco Pro Backpack Launched by Lenovo

Eco Pro Backpack

OPTICXCESS — Creative! Lenovo Launches Eco Pro Backpack from 34 Recycled Plastic Bottles

To celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, Lenovo today launched a laptop backpack made from recycled plastic bottles.

Eco Pro Backpack

Eco Pro Backpack

This limited-edition backpack contains more than 83 percent of recycled material and is produced with recycled polyester (equivalent to 34 plastic water bottles). This backpack is also GRS certified, ensuring that the recycled material used is taken from a responsible source and processed with minimal environmental impact.

This Backpack comes with a choice of other accessories, including wireless keyboards, workstation docks, and travel hum that are sustainable and manufactured with recycled materials.

Priced starting at $ 84 USD, Lenovo’s Eco Pro Backpack is available in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

To date, Lenovo has used content that has been processed through post-consumer (consumer) recycling in 66 products and has used more than 9.5 million kg CL-PCR as part of overall use of nearly 110 million kg (gross) PCC since 2005 – signifies continued growth in efforts to use sustainable materials.

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