Mixer Stream Reportedly Closed on July 12

OPTICXCESS — Mixer Stream Reportedly Closed on July 12. Having many large, very popular Streamers does not make Mixer getting better, even Microsoft will soon turn off the streaming platform gradually. As a result, mega-stars streamer classmates Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Cory “King Gothalion” Michael, and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek inevitably have to find a new platform, or maybe they will return to Twitch.

Mixer Stream

Microsoft even has released the exclusive contracts of these mega-stars, so that the big players are free from all the obligations that have been imposed on them. Although, the producers themselves say that they will move the streamer to Facebook gaming.

Mixer Stream Reportedly Closed on July 12

The question is, why does Mixer Stream not succeed in achieving something that Microsoft desires? In fact, many people are surprised that this new platform which has great potential is closed too fast. Microsoft says that Mixer has too many viewers compared to its main competitors, like Twitch. And carrying popular names does not make Mixer instantaneous equivalent to popular streaming.

In fact, the streamers also complained that the number of followers dropped dramatically. The result, their income was far behind compared to the previous platform. For example, Ninja complained that he saw a huge decline in viewers and followers, which even dropped to more than 10 million. In fact, it is the biggest name in Mixer.

Since its birth in August 2017, Mixer Stream has struggled to find a foothold in the highly paced streaming war; and numerically, this platform has not succeeded in attracting the kind of viewers who will make the effort sustainable.

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April’s StreamElements and Arsenal.gg’s live streaming industry report have posts on the wall: Twitch posted a 100 percent year-on-year growth in Watch time. In fact, Facebook Gaming grew 238 percent in full compared to April last year. This is inversely proportional to the Mixer which only managed to grow two-tenths percent. “We started pretty far behind,” Xbox chief Phil Spencer said. Until finally July 22, 2020, will be the last day.

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