Playstation 5 is Available with Two Version Options

OPTICXCESS — Playstation 5 is Available with Two Version Options

The Sony Playstation 5 is officially revealed through live streaming, though it’s not completely. Later, there will be two choices of versions offered by manufacturers to consumers, especially when launch day arrives, the Blu-ray Ultra HD Drive version, and the digital edition.

Playstation 5 is Available with Two Version Options

The price offered in the two versions will certainly be much different, with some sites saying they will have a difference of up to $ 100. Interestingly, the digital edition will bring something more unique, where manufacturers might offer digital integration services such as PS Now, although Sony did not explain in detail.

Playstation 5 is Available with Two Version Options

In addition, the PS5 trailer has also been launched with a choice of blue and white color combinations, including a Dual Sense controller. The design is like a sleek spaceship, with organic curves, blue lighting, a display like a desktop PC built in with an impression that is so sleek and modern.

This fresh look gives a new feel to the Playstation 5 console which usually comes with black options. Overall hardware options have not been revealed in detail, but Sony’s promise of far better performance on the console is still intact to be ready to be released.

Some of the games that were also revealed were also released through their latest trailer, some of which could even be enough to tempt fans with a much better visual feel. One of them is the Grand Turismo 7 which is ready to be a special choice for the PS5 console. Visual details on the trailer can be one of the highlights to get the best gaming experience that users can get.

Some other game trailers that are ready to greet with Playstation 5 are also ready to be released, including Horizon: Forbidden West, Project Athia, Stray, Returnal, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and many other exciting things.

Of all the things that have been revealed, Sony still has not provided details about the certainty of the release date and price value. So, we just wait for the next few weeks for all these things.

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