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OPTICXCESS — Ways How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android

When the cellphone memory is full we often delete files both photos and videos in bulk. Sometimes you don’t realize that there are photos and videos that are actually quite valuable to keep that are also deleted.

But fortunately, how to restore deleted files on an Android phone is not as difficult as one might imagine. There are several android recovery apps that can solve this problem.

Apart from being accidentally deleted, data loss on the smartphone can also occur when doing a factory reset or flashing. It will be more troublesome if the lost data includes message data and important contacts.

In this article, we will share how to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos an Android cellphone. We need the help of a recovery application, you guys take it easy, the applications that will be used in this tutorial are all free.

How to restore deleted photos and videos on an Android phone

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos Using DiskDigger to recover deleted photos and videos from internal memory

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android can be done using a recovery application called DiskDigger. This application is one of the best recovery applications. Friends can download it for free on Playstore.

DiskDigger allows us to recover deleted photo and video files from internal and external memory. The paid version makes it possible to restore any files other than photos and videos.

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To restore deleted photos, the cellphone doesn’t need to be rooted. But to restore video files and other files, our cellphone must be rooted.

To restore deleted photos without root, follow these steps. First, install the DiskDigger application via Playstore. When finished, run the application.

In the DiskDigger application, select the basic photo scan start menu. DiskDigger will scan deleted photo files from our cellphone.

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android

Wait for the process to finish (usually only briefly). After the scanning process is complete, old deleted photos will appear. In this tutorial I found 6 photo files that can be recovered. Select which photos will be restored then click the recover button.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

And then the options will appear look like this:

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

To save recovered photo files on your phone’s memory, choose the option to save the files to a custom location. Specify the storage folder then click save.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos Using Recuva to recover deleted files on SD card

Friends can also use Recuva to restore various types of files that were deleted on an Android phone without root. This application has the advantage of a more complete feature such as allowing for deep scans.

By using Recuva we can restore deleted photos, videos, documents, and other files. To run this application we need a Laptop or a PC.

Immediately, first we have to connect the SD card to the laptop then download and install the Recuva application first.

The latest version can be downloaded here:

When finished installing, the Recuva Wizard window will appear click next.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

Select the file types you want to recover, you can restore almost all types of files, from photos, videos, documents, music, to email files. But in order for the scanning process to run faster, just select the files you want to restore.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

Select the SD card location then click next. In this tutorial my SD card is on drive E:

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

After an option will appear for a deep scan. For the first try, just turn off this feature. If it turns out that the file is not found, you can repeat the steps above by turning on the deep scan feature to dig deeper.

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Click start and wait for the scanning process to finish.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos

After the data mining process is complete, Recuva will display the old files that have been deleted. Then we just have to choose which files we want to restore then click recover and select a storage location. Done.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos Using Wondershare Dr. Fone to restore deleted files without root

Dr. Fone is also included in the top line of applications to restore deleted photos and videos on android. By using this application we can restore various types of deleted files without having to root.

Dr. Application Fone can also be used to restore deleted files from iPhone. The free version is complete enough, we can restore photos, videos, messages, and contacts files.

How to use it is also quite easy. First, download and install the Dr. Fone application from Playstore. After that, run the application. Later the Recovery and Transfer options will appear. Select the Recovery menu.

Dr. Fone application

There are several data mining features that can be used. To recover photo and video files select the Photos & Video Recovery menu. Wait until the scanning process is complete.

Dr. Fone application

After the scanning process is complete, the application will display the files that can still be recovered. Select which files you want to restore then press the save icon in the top right corner then select recover.

Dr. Fone application

Files that have been successfully recovered will be stored in the Internal storage / drfone / Pictures directory.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos Using Undeleter to Recover Files & Data

To use this application, our cellphones must be rooted. This application allows us to restore files that are most often deleted accidentally, such as photos, videos, sms, and txt files.

We can use the free version which is quite powerful, but if you want to enjoy the full features, you can buy it from the PlayStore.

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How to use it is very easy, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the application
  • Later you will be asked for root access, select allow
  • Run the application then select Restore Data
  • Navigate to the deleted directory or file location
  • Select Deep Scan and wait for the scan to complete
  • Select the deleted files you want to restore and then restore

Usually files in the form of photos and videos that have just been deleted can be returned in good condition. But if the file has been deleted long enough, it may be a little difficult to restore it with this application.

Recover Deleted Photos and Videos Using the Restore Image application (Super Easy)

This application can be used on an android cellphone without root. So if you are lazy to root your cellphone, you can try this application, the results are also quite satisfying to restore deleted photos from internal memory or SD card.

Here’s how to restore deleted photos with the Restore Image (Super Easy) application:

  • First, install the application from the PlayStore for free
  • Give permission to storage access during the install process
  • Run the application
  • Select the directory where the deleted photo is located
  • The application will scan automatically
  • Select the photo you want to restore then press the restore image button
  • Photos will be restored, you can check through the gallery

The advantage of this application is that we don’t need to root, and the application can also be run directly from the cellphone. But unfortunately this application is only specifically for restoring photos.

If you want to restore deleted photo files, you should do it as soon as possible so that the files are still intact. If it takes too long, the file may be corrupted so that the restored file cannot be opened.

That’s all how to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android.

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