Godfall Releases Cinematic Trailer

OPTICXCESS — Godfall Releases Cinematic Trailer

The decision to introduce itself as one of the few next-gen confirmed games at the end of 2019 did immediately make the name Godfall skyrocket. The momentum achieved by Counterplay Games and Gearbox was followed by more trailers and screenshots, which opened the veil of this quite unique genre.

Can be enjoyed alone or tasted in co-op format together with 3 other players. This game certainly offers an epic story as a base. Their recently released cinematic trailer introduces a character named Macros who is likely to act as the main antagonist.

Godfall Releases Cinematic Trailer

Godfall Releases Cinematic Trailer

Godfall is positioned as a loot-melee action RPG game where it will focus on short-range combat using a variety of weapons, with cool combination attack animations and enemies which of course, need your own vigilance to be defeated. Approaching the release that won’t be long, they have finally released a cinematic trailer for an overview of the story that will be carried.

Macros are said to be the source of Aperion’s split and it is your main character’s job to stop it. The pre-order process for this game, both the Playstation 5 and PC versions, has also been opened.

Godfall itself is planned to be released on November 12, 2020 for Playstation 5 and PC (via Epic Games Store). How about you? How many of you are looking forward to this series?

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