WhatsApp Face Unlock Coming Soon on Android

OPTICXCESS — WhatsApp Face Unlock Coming Soon on Android

The latest WhatsApp Beta update offers new security options, namely a face scanner and a unique identification that is still a mystery.

Since a few months ago, WhatsApp has provided additional security options with fingerprints. This biometric security can be done, both on Android and iOS. However, the security option with the face is only available for iPhone users.

WhatsApp Face Unlock Coming Soon on Android

WhatsApp Face Unlock

Well, reportedly the security feature with that face will be coming soon to Android. WhatsApp has reportedly registered a new update through the Google Play Beta Program. Actually, WhatsApp does not clearly mention the face scanner but is known as a Biometric lock.

This biometric lock includes a fingerprint scanner, a face scanner, and a unique identifier. Unfortunately, it is not explained further, what is meant by this one unique identifier.

Apart from support for the new security system, the same update also brings the ability to join in on calls that are already in progress. Normally, users who skip an invitation to join a group call go through a series of ways to join the call.

In this latest update, users who missed the call will be able to join the call immediately when opening WhatsApp. The condition is that the summons must still be ongoing. When opening the WhatsApp application, the user will be asked to immediately join the group call. WhatsApp is reportedly still developing this feature.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when this update will be accepted for all WhatsApp users.

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