Fleets Introduced On Twitter. Check this out!!

OPTICXCESS — Fleets Introduced On Twitter. Twitter will create a temporary form of Tweets called Fleets. This feature is very similar to the stories feature of the social media platform Instagram and Snapchat, which displays a message, image, or video with a time limit of 24 hours.

Fleets Introduced On Twitter

Twitter has leaked several pictures surrounding the Fleets on their official blog. These Fleets will also give you the freedom to express what is on your mind for the next 24 hours. And of course, you can share photos, videos, or even share your Tweets in the Fleet feature.

Fleets Introduced On Twitter

For Fleet itself, Twitter has been tested in several countries such as Brazil, Italy, India, and finally South Korea. From the test, there were a lot of positive entries and also a lot of people could easily “join” in a conversation because it is easier to “join” this interaction between Twitter users is more frequent than before.

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Later, the location of this fleet will be available on top of your timeline, very similar to stories on Instagram, it looks like a bubble and you just have to tap the bubble to see the fleet. Twitter is the umpteenth social media platform that uses features like stories, Snapchat, and then LinkedIn. Since this is a fairly familiar feature, of course, you will find it easier to operate.

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To operate it is very easy, you just have to make a Tweet as usual, then you select the share icon which is located at the bottom right of your Tweet. Finally, you select Share in a Fleet, then you just have to edit your last little Fleet with text or various emojis, and your Fleet can be shared.

Fleets Introduced On Twitter

The new breakthrough is clearly a step forward for Twitter, although it is a little too late to introduce. Many people, too, will not be troubled when using these Fleets because the performance is similar to stories, but surely dynamic changes will occur where people prefer to use Fleets rather than make a permanent Tweet.

So what do you think about the Fleets feature from Twitter? Will Twitter dominate the world of social media once again with the Fleets feature?


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