5 List of most Trophy Winning Clubs In The World

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5 List of most Trophy Winning Clubs In The World

Become a pride for a football club if you can win a lot of trophies and awards. What’s more, they can boast of their own country and also fans or fans all over the world. A victory becomes the goal of every club. Clubs that are considered successful and successful are clubs that have the most trophies. Even now, we already know a lot of information circulating about the list of football clubs with the most international scale wins. Will your club champion fall into the top row of the world title holders?

Throughout the history of the world of football in Europe have experienced so many developments. There are even some countries that are now very well known and popular not only in the blue continent region but also worldwide. However, there are not many of the many popular soccer clubs who are able to win titles in large numbers or many times. We can see from various club competitions before, namely the English Premier League Champions League, Portugal Super League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, and Eredivisie. Some clubs were able to dominate the competition, others also dominated in the next league.

Summarized from various sources, we will see who is included in the list of the strongest soccer teams who have most subscribed to win the title in the history of football in the world? Juventus? Liverpool? Manchester United? In fact, they aren’t friends. For example, if you pay attention to the club Juventus have dominated the Serie A quite a lot in the past six years. They also even won the league for six consecutive seasons. This glorious achievement made them able to collect 52 major titles since 1897 ago.

But do you know? Juventus is not the highest collection of trophies at the moment. Seeing in plain view is not enough. You need to see a history of football history of all time. Well, the list of clubs that have won the most trophy collections below certainly can add to your insight as a global soccer fan wherever you are. For complete information, please refer to the brief explanation below. We will see whether your club idol is in the most row of titles or not? This is it…

5 List of most Trophy Winning Clubs In The World


At the top of this position is a famous club with a number of fans who are not in doubt. They are a team from the Real Madrid club. Until now, Real Madrid still holds the most record with 72 trophies. The Spanish team has won as many champions in the Champions League 12 times in history. This is a number that is not small considering their struggle to win the title. In the next competition they also still have the opportunity to further add to the collection. Their chance to win the next league is still wide open. Either a strategy like what they did to get the next trophy.


Next in the second highest position to win the trophy is a Spanish club, Barcelona. The team strengthened by personnel Lionel Messi has added 2 collections of trophies in the title race in 2018 ago. So that the total El Barca now has 63 titles. FC Barcelona in the competition is winning 1 trophy from Benfica club. The club that has a headquarters at the Camp Nou, is able to carve awards and achievements that are so proud. For the Champions League itself, they managed to win as many as 5 champions. Thus this Barcelona has convinced fans, fans and throughout the world that they are one of the best clubs to the present. This shows that the next time they will spread their wings more.


The third club to win the next trophy is Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson Moraes, Benfica. His name is no stranger to the history of world football. They are among the most famous clubs in the world. How come? This club from Portugal has succeeded and successfully collected as many as 35 Portuguese league titles, 25 Portuguese Cups, and 2 times won UCL, so that when they totaled 62 titles. This number has a small difference with FC Barcelona who won 63 titles as the second most trophy winner. Next, make sure this one club will return to success and add to their trophy collection.


The fourth position was filled by a popular club named Ajax Amsterdam. Throughout history during their struggle in the world of football, this team from the Netherlands had already achieved its victory. Where last week they were able to reach 33 Eredivisie Dutch titles, 18 KNVB Cups and 4 Champions League titles. If it is totaled, Ajax Amsterdam has succeeded in collecting 55 trophies on its journey to the present. So it deserves them to get the 4th most trophies in all time in the world.


Furthermore, those who don’t want to lose from the football club above. Bayern Munich continues to spread its wings. Until now this one club has made it to the list of the fifth highest winner in history. How can? Of course with their action in the field. This time they won the Bundesliga competition this season. Bayern Munich is adding to their collection of trophies with a total of 55 trophies. Where have you been? Yup, the 55 trophies consisted of 28 from the Bundesliga, 18 DFB Pokal trophies, 5 UCL titles, 1 UEFA cup, and then 3 titles were obtained from the Club World Cup. The following year, of course, they will struggle to add to their trophy collection.

The description above is brief information that can add to your knowledge about the development of the world soccer club covering the most trophy winning clubs. Is your hero club on the list? If it’s not there, don’t worry. Now they are still struggling to win awards in the next league competition. Of course, that means that in the future the ranking will change or even shift, we don’t know. There could be a list of new clubs as the top winners of the award.

We will then compare it in the following year, namely the acquisition of 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and so on. Therefore, keep updating your favorite club. In just a few years time, several clubs were able to show brilliant achievements in various competitions held including winning the world cup. Don’t miss the information. So much information that can be given this, hopefully, it can add to your insight about the world of world soccer and the condition of its update this year.

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