6 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Make-Up

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6 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Make-Up — There are many women after getting to know makeup or makeup, and as if they could not live without it. Makeup is always the solution if you want to cover up all the deficiencies on the face, such as pimples, black spots, acne scars, panda eyes, pale skin and so on. But actually, women can also look fresh and beautiful without makeup, of course, in this natural way.

6 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Make-Up

6 Tips to Look Beautiful Without Make-Up

1. Use Toner

Using toner every time you wash your face is one of the keys so that the pH balance of the skin is always well maintained and helps keep the facial skin evenly distributed perfectly. Toner used is recommended for alcohol-free ones so that the skin won’t dry out later. When the skin is healthy and the color is evenly distributed, the need for using cosmetics can be reduced.

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2. Wear Sunscreen

Even though the weather is not as hot as usual, keep applying sunscreen wherever you want to go. One of the dangers of ultraviolet rays is to damage the skin you know, even without us knowing. Sun exposure can cause black spots, premature wrinkles, and also uneven skin tone to dullness. High SPF sunscreen is also needed to reduce the risk of skin cancer due to excessive sun exposure.

3. Consumption of Vitamin C

Whether it’s from supplements or directly from food sources that contain vitamin C, meet this one vitamin intake so that facial skin is always protected from the effects of free radicals. The antioxidants are ready to protect the skin from various kinds of damage. Even face cream containing vitamin C is worth trying so that collagen levels increase and the risk of inflammation decreases.

4. No smoking

Some women who have the habit of smoking are more at risk of having skin that tends to dry out and experience premature aging. Even the activity of smoking will make blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin narrow so that the skin becomes lack of oxygen.

Remember also, smoking is one of the causes of damage to elastin and collagen which are the elasticity fibers in the skin. Begin to limit smoking if this has become a habit that is difficult to stop; little by little in the long run will be able to really stop.

5. Do not touch the skin too often

There are many women who love to touch the face using their fingers or nails, especially when acne or acne scars have just appeared. Our fingers and nails are susceptible to bacteria, which if we use to constantly touch the face, can increase the risk of bacteria transfer to the face.

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the process of cleansing clogged skin pores and removal of dead skin cells and impurities so that it supports the regeneration of new skin cells which makes a skin that was previously dull become more radiant and fresher. Facial skin appears unhealthy and darker when we rarely do this.

It’s just that in the process of exfoliating yourself, make sure not to be too rough when rubbing facial skin. Just use water mixed with baking soda in a ratio of 1: 1, rub on face and rub and gently massage for a few minutes. Use ordinary cold water afterward as a rinse; do this treatment 2 times a week on a regular basis.

Looking beautiful without makeup is not something that is impossible, as long as our facial skin is always treated properly naturally. And more than that, believe that your face is beautiful, whether you are wearing makeup or not wearing makeup and be proud of it.