Corona Virus!! 7 Ways to Avoid the Spread

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7 Ways to Avoid the Spread
7 Ways to Avoid the Spread

OPTICXCESS — 7 Ways to Avoid the Spread of the Corona Virus in the Workplace

The world is enlivened by a mysterious disease outbreak from China that can kill someone, which we know as the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus has spread since the end of 2019 and the World Health Organization (WHO) considers this outbreak as an international emergency health case.

Corona Virus

They also provide guidance on how this virus works and how to avoid it. Based on the WHO release, here are some guidelines for avoiding the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace, even though the employees at the company have so far not been infected.

7 Tips to Avoid the Spread of CORONA VIRUS

Corona virus spreads through body fluids

The virus, also known as COVID-29, spreads through body fluids. It can spread from saliva to sneezing being touched by the outside of the body and also through breathing. An easy example is that you accidentally hold someone’s saliva on the table. Simply put, it is similar to how the flu works.

Make sure the space where you work and live is clean

WHO explains that the effective way to prevent transmission of the Corona virus is very simple: ensure that your surroundings are kept hygienic. This can be done by cleaning the table using a disinfectant and providing hand sanitizer in public places that are often used. Remind every employee or coworker to always wash their hands.

Display posters promoting respiratory hygiene. Combine this with other communication steps, such as offering guidance from occupational health and safety officers, briefing at every meeting, and various other opportunities.

Prepare tissues and masks

One important thing that every office needs to provide is a supply of tissues and masks. Make sure both items are in stock and give them to those with runny noses. It is also important to have a closed trash can as a disposal area, because clean air flow and a good environment prevent the spread of COVID-19

Increase people’s awareness of the Corona virus

One thing that the WHO feels important to do is awareness from that space of this deadly virus. Showing posters about respiratory hygiene will help to understand this.

Rest the body if the body is not fit

One way of spreading the Corona virus is through coughing. For those who are not feeling well, it is better to rest at home and take medication such as paracetamol. It is feared that it is a symptom of COVID-19 infection.

Avoid traveling for a while

WHO recommends not going abroad or traveling for a while, including for work matters and companies should also understand this. If it is necessary, make sure that those who leave are healthy people and have checked the list of Corona virus areas that have been affected by the outbreak. This can be seen on the WHO website.

Employees who have returned from areas where COVID-19 is spreading should monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days and temperature twice a day. If they have a mild cough or low-grade fever (with a body temperature of 37.3 degrees Celsius or more), they must stay home and self-isolate.

This means avoiding close contact (1 meter or even closer) with other people, including family members. They should also call their health care provider or local public health department, providing details of their trip and recent symptoms.

Do not discriminate against those who are infected

If you see symptoms of the Corona virus being suffered by a co-worker, immediately separate the person into an isolated room and immediately report to the local health apparatus. Abstain from discrimination and support them through this disease.

Fighting the Coronavirus is not much different from fighting disease in general. The most important thing is that you understand correctly how to maintain body hygiene. It’s good not to panic about this case.