AMD A520 Chipset Will Released Soon

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AMD A520 Chipset
AMD A520 Chipset

OPTICXCESS –AMD A520 Chipset Will Released Soon, Ready to Replace the Old Mobo A320. So if you still hope to see AMD’s newest chipsets that are more affordable than the X570 or B550, AMD seems ready to make all of this happen with the presence of the A520 as an ideal replacement for the popular A320 series.

This was revealed when ASRock (Via Techpowerup) requested regulator approval for as many as ten new motherboard models based on the upcoming entry-level AMD A520 desktop chipset.

AMD A520

The AMD A520 chipset itself has more minimalistic features compared to the B550, such as minus support for overclocking, or fewer PCIe paths, and so on. Well, ASRock itself will provide some pretty exciting choices to be revealed, including those listed are A520M Pro4, A520M Pro4 R2.0, A520M Pro4 R2.0, A520M Pro4 R3.0, A520M-HDVP, A520M-HDV, A520M-HDV R2.0, A520M-HDV R3.0, A520M-HVS, A520M-HVS R2.0, and A520M-HVS R3.0.

AMD A520 Chipset

All of the leaked options include a variety of SKUs that are distinguished by size, layout, display connectivity, old connectivity, etc.

On the other hand, AMD itself is expected to launch an entry-level A520 desktop chipset in Q3-2020 and is ready to replace the aging A320 chipset. So, later we will see other more affordable A520 mobo choices from OEM manufacturers, but it supports a lot of exciting things for fans and consumers alike, including AMD’s brand-new processors for the next few years.