AMOLED vs OLED Screen, which one is the best?

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AMOLED vs OLED Screen, which one is the best?
AMOLED vs OLED Screen, which one is the best?

OPTICXCESSAMOLED vs OLED Screen, which one is the best?

As technology advances, many new sophisticated devices have emerged. Electronic products and gadgets are devices that have a high potential to flourish in the future.

The smartphone that used to be only owned by a handful of people now dominates the market from all walks of life. With an affordable price, now anyone can have a smartphone device. Various interesting and sophisticated features were added to attract people’s attention.

AMOLED vs OLED Screen, which one is the best?

One thing that is also a concern of gadget lovers is the screen specifications. Currently, the screen technology that is being talked about is OLED and AMOLED screens. Intrigued by the technology? The following article will explain further about OLED display technology, its advantages, and the difference with AMOLED screens. The following information.

More about OLED screens

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLED screen is a screen that has a panel. The panel is not just any panel but a panel that contains organic elements that are able to emit light when electrified. Generally, OLED screens are widely used on television and smartphone devices.

OLED screens are in great demand for a number of reasons. An OLED screen is known as a technology that can provide power consumption, the impact of this screen can produce a deeper black level and deeper. In other words, the OLED screen does not require a backlight that is used to display images on the screen.

Strengths and Weaknesses of OLED Screens

Next you also need to know the other advantages that OLED screens have. In the previous paragraph it was mentioned that the OLED screen has a denser black level. OLED screens usually have a very thin size and very light weight. OLED screens are also considered energy efficient and have a thousand times faster response times compared to LCDs.

Behind the advantages presented by the OLED screen turns out this screen has a short duration compared to other panels such as LCD and LED. Besides OLED panels are also vulnerable to the influence of water. Plus, OLED panels will have a decrease in quality when in the sun.

AMOLED vs OLED Screen, which one is the best?


In addition to OLED screens, there are other panels which are the development of OLED screens namely AMOLED. AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. If the OLED screen cannot work optimally under the sun, the AMOLED screen is just the opposite.

The display on the AMOLED screen still looks sharp even if seen in the hot sun. Besides AMOLED screens are only used for smartphone panels only, in contrast to the OLED screen that can be used for television.

AMOLED vs OLED Screen Aplying

Basically, OLED and AMOLED screens have many similarities compared to differences. AMOLED screens are also very thin, even reaching 0.001 mm without reducing the sharpness and blackness of the screen which actually increases. AMOLED screens also have the same fast response as OLED screens. Energy consumption on the AMOLED screen is also quite low so that it can save device power usage by up to 40%.

But the fact is the AMOLED screen is rarely applied to smartphone devices due to price constraints. Many gadget manufacturers prefer LCD for reasons of production cost efficiency. They worry if using an AMOLED screen will impact on the price of a very high product and is less acceptable in the market.

Thus the information you can read about the OLED screen. through the above article, you will find out new breakthroughs in smartphone and television screen technology that are now being hits.

Information about the differences between OLED and AMOLED screens is also presented so that you understand more about the two latest screens that are being discussed. Hopefully, the information about AMOLED vs OLED Screen can be accepted and useful for you all.