ASUS PRIME H310M-K Full Spesification

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ASUS PRIME H310M-K Full Spesification


Looking for an Intel Mobo with an H310 chipset that is solid enough to support your PC’s budget performance, can you be more effective? ASUS PRIME H310M-K could be your first choice to consider. What’s interesting is the value of low prices, good durability, including the support of extra features that are quite fun.

ASUS PRIME H310M-K Preview

Well, curious about what the mobo can offer? Check out the details through a little preview below.

ASUS PRIME H310M-K Preview

Motherboards with H310 chipsets may have been released for a long time, but this entry-level mobo option is still worthy of juxtaposition with Intel processors, both the 8th and 9th generation. And when you’re looking for exciting options, the ASUS PRIME H310M-K can certainly be a pretty good considering.

The form of design may still seem ordinary, especially since the H310 series is basically devoted to entry-level users with a tight budget. So, you don’t expect too much for the aesthetic business of this mobo.

ASUS PRIME H310M-K Preview

ASUS PRIME H310M-K itself comes in the form of a Micro ATX factor with a default size of 22.6cm x 18.5cm. You can install the mobo on the micro casing or the biggest choice, although ideally not too big than the size offered by the casing.

Mobo is also claimed to have a choice of quality components, which of course will provide excellent durability when used in a long time. One of them is the 5X Protection III feature, where the company’s claim that ASUS products with the logo mean that all choices of components or circuits are superior choices, which means that it can provide exceptional protection and stability for the mobo.

In addition, the PRIME H310M-K also has a unique feature in the presence of ASUS OptiMem, which will improve memory stability through careful trace tracking and vias to maintain signal integrity well maintained.

ASUS PRIME H310M-K specifications

Intel® Socket 1151 CPU for 9th / 8th Generation Core ™ i7 / Core ™ i5 / Core ™ i3 / Pentium® / Celeron® Processors
Intel® H310 Chipset
Memory 2 x DIMM, Max. 32GB, DDR4 2666/2400/2133 MHz Non-ECC
Expansion Slots 1 x PCIe 3.0 / 2.0 x16 (x16 mode, gray)
 2 x PCIe 2.0 x1
Storage 4 x SATA 6Gb / s port (s), gray,
Realtek® RTL8111H LAN, 1 x Gigabit LAN
Audio Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC
USB Ports 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 up to 5Gbps port (s) (2 at back panel, blue, Type-A, 2 at mid-board)
 6 x USB 2.0 / 1.1 port (s) (2 at back panel, 4 at mid-board)
Back I / O Ports 1 x PS / 2 keyboard (purple)
 1 x PS / 2 mouse (green)
 1 x DVI-D
 1 x D-Sub
 1 x LAN (RJ45) port (s)
 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (blue) Type-A up to 5Gbps
 2 x USB 2.0
 3 x Audio jack (s)
64-bit Windows® 10 Operating System
Form Factor mATX Form Factor

ASUS PRIME H310M-K Preview

As a whole, this mobo supports a line of 8th or 9th generation Intel processors, including support for Intel turbo Boost 2.0, although that depends on the type of processor you will have. As for the memory business, there are a total of 2 dim slots with RAM capacity up to 32GB and support speeds of up to DDR4 2666Mhz.

As for graphics, if you plan to use a built-in VGA processor, this motherboard has two display ports between a DVI-D port and a D-Sub port. But for the choice of the main PCIe slot to support dedicated VGA in the expansion slot, there is a PCIe 3.0 slot and two PCIe 2.0 × 1 slots.

For storage, there are a total of 4 SATA 6Gb / s ports that can accommodate casual HDD or SSD 2.5 “. Unfortunately, this series does not support super-fast SSDs or the availability of storage slots with M.2 type, so you must be satisfied with casual storage in the form of a factor of 3.5 “or 2.5”. And actually it’s just not just this brand, because overall the H310 chipset doesn’t have these features, including the lack of Intel Optane memory support.

As for the affairs of the USB Port, there are a total of 10 USB ports offered on this motherboard and are divided into:

4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 up to 5Gbps port (s) (2 on the back panel, and 2 on the motherboard via the front panel)
6 x USB 2.0 / 1.1 port (s) (2 in the back panel, 4 available on the motherboard for the front panel)
The choice of a USB port may be somewhat limited, but it still sufficiently meets the needs of today’s users, including the presence of a fast USB 3.1 Gen 1.

The connector for the fan is also complete, although it only comes with two fan connector options, namely 1 (1x4pin) for the CPU fan connector and 1 ((1x4pin) for the extra fan connector. This series does not support extra values ​​such as bridges for ARGB fan support, and actually it’s quite unfortunate, if you want this feature, you might need extra devices like the RGB Fan Controller which can be purchased separately.


The audio support that is usually offered on the ASUS mobo line usually has far better features. And this applies to the PRIME H310M-K series, where the motherboard comes with Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel CODEC audio.

What’s interesting about the audio options offered through this mobo is that it can provide good audio quality, including extra Audio Shielding features that can ensure precise analog / digital separation and multi-lateral interference. This series also comes with a choice of premium Japanese audio capacitors, which of course greatly influence in terms of endurance and solid sound quality offerings.

Preliminary Conclusions
Apart from everything (or not) from what we have said on the ASUS PRIME H310M-K, this mobo can basically provide the ideal needs for your casual activities on a PC, including Intel 9th ​​Gen processor support, a choice of complete USB ports and quality good audio.

But of course, you have to be satisfied with some of the limitations that are present in this mobo, including the fan connector with a total of only two slots. Besides that, the simple value of this mobo also lies in its design form, although we can’t deny that the H310 series doesn’t have many extra features.

Fortunately, the PRIME H310M-K can still meet the needs of many fun things, including some extra choices. Besides that, this mobo can be a worthy companion as one of the solid mobo choices for budget PCs with super tight budgets.