VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) Released by ASUS

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ASUS Releases VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413)

OPTICXCESS – VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) Released by ASUS

The latest VivoBook 14 series from ASUS, which is very popular, is back to enliven the consumer laptop market, and this time it is the VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) series with the power of the 10th gen Intel and more stylish design and can really be Gen Z’s first choice.

“Gen Z is a generation that is full of creativity and has an adventurous spirit. They need a laptop with powerful performance and easy travel, ”said Jimmy Lin, ASUS Regional Director Southeast Asia. “But a powerful laptop is not enough.

Gen Zs also need a laptop that can express and represent their identity, which is why the VivoBook Ultra 14 is the best laptop for Gen Z. “

 ASUS Releases VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413)

ASUS VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) offers various advantages. The design, which refers to the VivoBook S series, makes this laptop come with a simple but stylish design. Gen Z who wants a laptop with a different appearance from other laptops can also choose the three colors offered on the VivoBook Ultra 14.

Besides being superior in terms of design, VivoBook Ultra 14 also comes with fast performance thanks to the use of the latest technology hardware. The entire VivoBook Ultra 14 series is powered by 10th Gen Intel Core processors with graphics chip support up to NVIDIA GeForce MX350. The combination of modern hardware allows the VivoBook Ultra 14 to be used as a creative device for Gen Z in today’s digital era.

VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) Main Specs

Stylish design for Gen Z VivoBook Ultra 14

Present as a laptop for Gen Z, the VivoBook Ultra 14 has three color variants. Transparent Silver is perfect for those who like elegant designs. Indie Black is a color variant that reflects a tough soul. Those who prefer a soft tone can choose the Hearty Gold color variant.

Not only does it come with a variety of colors, but the VivoBook Ultra 14 is also a laptop that uses a modern design. The back lacks decorations and logos, so Gen Zs who are known for their expressiveness can decorate their laptops however they like. ASUS even provides an exclusive sticker set in every sales package for VivoBook Ultra 14.

VivoBook Ultra 14 is a laptop for Gen Z who is very active in their daily lives. For this reason, this laptop appears with compact dimensions and has lightweight. Its body thickness is only 17.9 mm and weighs 1.4 kg making VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) easy to carry around. Not only that, the back of the screen is made of sturdier metal material so this laptop is suitable for Gen Z who likes to travel.

VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) carries a 14-inch screen with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). One thing that makes this laptop special is the presence of NanoEdge Display technology which allows the screen bezel on this laptop to appear very thin and makes the VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) have a screen-to-body ratio of up to 84%.

Gen Z which uses the VivoBook Ultra 14 will also be presented with the best audio quality in its class through speakers certified by Harman / Kardon. In addition, VivoBook Ultra 14 is equipped with a fingerprint feature that is integrated with Windows Hello, a biometric security feature from Microsoft in Windows 10.

Powerful for Various Activities

To meet the needs of the very creative Gen Z, ASUS has embedded the latest technology components and hardware into the VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413). Starting from the processor, the VivoBook Ultra 14 is powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core with the highest variant, the Intel Core i7-10510U which has a 4 core configuration and 8 threads. The processor, which has a processing speed of up to 4.9GHz, is sure to meet the everyday computing needs of Gen Z, from learning to creating.

In addition to the 10th Gen Intel Core processor, the VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) is also equipped with a graphics chip up to NVIDIA GeForce MX350. The graphics chip, which is equipped with 2GB of dedicated video memory (VRAM), makes VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) even more powerful in terms of graphics processing. This laptop can even be used to play casual games.

VivoBook Ultra 14 uses a 512GB PCIe SSD as a storage device. PCIe SSD is a storage medium with much faster performance than HDD. Combined with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413) is able to run more agile even when used for multitasking.

As a modern laptop, VivoBook Ultra 14 also comes with complete connectivity. In addition to standard ports such as USB Type-A, this laptop is also equipped with an HDMI port and a 3.5mm combo audio jack. VivoBook Ultra 14 even comes with USB Type-C, so that various modern devices can be connected to this laptop.

For wireless connectivity, the VivoBook Ultra 14 is equipped with a faster WiFi 6 (802.11ax) module. The WiFi 6 module on this laptop supports dual-band features, which means it supports connections with a frequency of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Meanwhile, the existence of Bluetooth 5.0 also allows various wireless accessories such as mice and headphones to connect to the VivoBook Ultra 14 (K413).