Best iPhone Camera Applications

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Best iPhone Camera Applications – For photography, there doesn’t seem to be many who deny that the iPhone is its king. Not without reason because every time a new iPhone is launched, the camera sector becomes one of its mainstays.

Photographing photos with the iPhone can actually be done with the camera application provided because there are also already available various features.

But there is no harm in also using a third-party camera application that makes the photo experience can be even better. So, this is the best camera application on the iPhone, both paid and free iPhone camera applications.

Best iPhone Camera Applications


Camera + 2 is the successor of the popular camera application on the iPhone, namely Camera + which has been downloaded millions of times on the App Store. This successor application has quite a lot of similarities compared to its predecessor which has a myriad of photographic features. Some simple features such as digital zoom, timer, and continuous flash are still available for beginners who are learning this application.

For professionals, there are features such as RAW photos, grid lines, and various photo modes. This Camera + 2 application is actually quite friendly for beginners because the UI of Camera + 2 feels quite similar to the default camera application of the iPhone.

  • Seller: LateNiteSoft S.L.
  • Size: 113.4MB
  • App Store Rating: 4.4


Many iPhone camera applications will make you quite confused with various functions in it, but Obscura 2 is quite different. This application has a minimalist look and is a favorite among novice photographers who want to learn to be professional.

Obscura 2 supports RAW files and the HEIC format that Apple uses as default and doesn’t miss popular formats like JPEG. Some basic features such as grids, flash controls, manuals, and filters are also available.

  • Seller: Ben McCarthy
  • Size: 87.9MB
  • App Store Rating: 4.4

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Halide is also not less in terms of popularity than other iPhone camera applications. This application allows us as photographers to get full control over the camera but not too difficult to master.

For example, you simply pinch your finger on the screen to see a graphic that can be used for example to change focus or exposure. You can adjust everything like exposure, focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and so on so you feel like taking pictures with a DLSR camera.

  • Seller: Lux Optics LLC
  • Size: 22.2MB
  • App Store Rating: 4.0


Moment comes from a well-known developer as a maker of various accessories such as camera cases and lenses. But the iPhone camera application that he created works very well even without using a variety of accessories made by themselves. Moments have a display that reflects the experience of using a DLSR camera.

There are various controls available such as white balance, ISO, shutter speed, RAW format, HEIF, and HEVS can also be used here. Moment also makes it possible for Apple Watch users to make the smartwatch a remote when shooting.

  • Seller: Moment Inc.
  • Size: 88.1MB
  • App Store Rating: 4.4

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VSCO is famous as a photo-editing application that is widely praised, but actually, VSCO can also take photos very well. A simple display is always a plus for an application, VSCO is no exception. Especially if you use VSCO as a media for photo editing, the transition when shooting to the editing process will feel very smooth.

Besides being free, VSCO also offers a pro version that can unlock several extra features. But the free version of VSCO is also very good for a camera application.

  • Seller: Visual Supply Company
  • Size: 142.9MB
  • App Store Rating: 4.6


With so many features embedded in it, it’s no wonder ProCamera has become the king of the best iPhone camera applications for years. There are many features that are equally owned by competitors here.

But the video control feature might be a differentiator. On ProCamera, you can set things like HDR and Lowlight when recording, besides the resolution and frame rate of the video you can also set free in this application.

  • Seller: Cocologics GmbH
  • Size: 111.7MB
  • App Store Rating: 4.6

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That’s the iPhone camera application that can help you improve the quality of photographing photos using an iPhone device. Not everything is created for beginners, in fact, most of the applications above are only “can” be used by professionals. But there is no harm also as a beginner to continue to try and learn to use the application above.
And also the application above may be a paid application. But all will be proportional to the results.