Best Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends

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Best Multiplayer Game 2021
Best Multiplayer Game 2021

OPTICXCESS — Best Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends

This time we will discuss the best android multiplayer game recommendations. Indeed, this multiplayer android game offers a variety of excitement, from being able to play with friends, playing with fellow players online, to fighting mechanical skills with these players.

Best Multiplayer Games

It cannot be denied, that Multiplayer games are games that are on the rise lately. Maybe because online games are booming, so many people like multiplayer games, and if you can win the game there will be special pride for us. Okay we just go to the list.

7 Best Multiplayer Games

Among Us

In the opening list of 7 Best Multiplayer Games this time, there is a game that is on the rise, namely Among Us. This game is included in an action game, and you can play it with 4 to 10 people, so you can play it together with your friends.

The goal of this game is to catch the killer who is among you. The killer can use various sabotages and create the perfect alibi to carry out the action. Now the task of the crewmates is to survive and catch the killer. How about a pretty exciting game right?

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a game developed by Supercell. Here you and several other people will fight the enemy online, and there are many game modes that you can play from 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 with several types of match mechanics.

In addition, there will be leaderboards to see your ranking among the players in the world. You can upgrade heroes to strengthen these heroes, plus this game also has a fast tempo, of course when you play the multiplayer android game Brawl Stars, you won’t think time flies too fast.

Class Royale

When talking about one of the best multiplayer games on android, we cannot let go of Class Royale. With a total download of 29 million downloads and a rating of 4.2, it is proof that this is the most popular game today.

This game has a tower assault concept, where you will fight for the tower. You can get several characters, and build a deck using these characters. This game also has many updates and events, so you won’t get bored when playing this Class Royale game.

Dota Underlords

Furthermore, there is the multiplayer android game Dota Underlords. If you are a Dota fan, you will definitely know about this game, the characters in this game are also taken from Dota. By carrying out the Autochess game concept, this game is quite interesting for you to play.

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The autochess genre itself is indeed a subgenre of tactics, of course you have to use a high game mechanic to play this game. Not only that, you can also play this game offline and here is the interesting location, where the AI ​​is hard to beat. If you are looking for a game with a balance between online and offline, you can consider this game for you to play.


Finally, there is a card game, Heartstone. Heartstone is arguably one of the pioneers of card duel games on the Android platform. Even though about 7 years have passed, this game still survives and instead still sticks as one of the best android multiplayer games on Android. The goal of this game is only one, you can collect cards, build a deck, and slaughter enemies with your deck.

The characters are also iconic characters from the Warcraft universe, of course if you like to play Warcraft you will feel familiar with this game. Heartstone is also a cross platform game, you can also play it on a PC if you are tired of using a smartphone.


Gwent is a card game adapted from The Witcher Series game. The way to play this game is similar to the original version of the game, all you have to do is collect cards, create the strongest deck with these cards, then duel your enemies or friends with unique rules and descriptions of each card.

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Playing this game is very tricky and of course quite racking the brain, because the developer of this game emphasizes playing skills rather than luck or pay to win. The downside of this game may lie in the game controls which are a bit difficult to control, and there should be a little improvement for the next update. Overall, this game is really fun to play, especially if you are a fan of The Witcher.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a card game released by Riot Games, and of course you can guess what heroes are in it. Yes, League of Legends heroes will also be present in this Legends of Runeterra game. In terms of game quality, this game is very similar to Heartstone.

Here you have to collect champion cards and build a deck and defeat all your enemies in PvP battles. This game also has a social gaming feature, a fairly easy game mechanic, and lots of cards that you can collect. When viewed from the list of games in this article, maybe this game is the latest variant, but make no mistake this game is included in the list of the best multiplayer Android games today.

Okay, those were the recommendations for some of the best multiplayer Android games that you can play, I hope this article is useful for all of you. If you have suggestions about applications and games that you want to discuss, you can comment in the column below, thank you!