Black Coffee Can Make Smooth Defecation

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Black Coffee Can Make Smooth Defecation

OPTICXCESS – Black Coffee Can Make Smooth Defecation

If most people would choose to consume vegetables and fruits (like papaya and bananas) which are rich in fiber as small intestine movements. Laxatives are not only about fruits and vegetables, because black coffee is also believed to be a powerful constipation solution, but is this just a myth or a fact?

Is it true that drinking black coffee can make bowel movements smoothly?

This is true, yes, black coffee is effective in helping people who have difficulty defecating smoothly and regularly. To complete it, many people actually drink a cup of black coffee where this has been proven. According to alerts from, here are a number of reasons why coffee launched BAB.

Black Coffee Can Make Smooth Defecation

Coffee is known to be a factor that causes contractions in the intestine. Intestinal movement is activated due to the effect of coffee so that it is able to encourage the feces that used to be difficult to move can descend into the rectum and eventually exit through the process of bowel movements.

Coffee compared to warm water is 60 percent stronger in increasing bowel movements according to a study.

In coffee, there are other active substances besides caffeine that can cause heartburn because there are a number of other known substances that can trigger certain hormones release, such as motilin which stimulates intestinal contractions. There is also gastrin where this hormone can trigger the stomach to release acid.

According to, distal bowel movements will be stimulated by acid levels in coffee so that the removal of impurities from the body is helped.

That is some of the reasons why it is true and is the fact that coffee can make heartburn as well as smooth bowel movements. But despite constipation, this is not a reason to drink too much coffee. Just one cup every day is enough.

It’s just that if you want to travel, especially if you want to travel long distances, don’t drink coffee after waking up. Wait at least 2 hours after waking up, then you may drink coffee so that your stomach is heartburn and the desire to defecate does not interfere with your trip.

Also, remember to always avoid drinking coffee with physical activity and eating heavy food because this actually increases bowel movements. So for those who have indigestion such as constipation, aka difficult to defecate, may try drinking a cup of black coffee so that the stomach feels relieved and doing all activities also becomes more enjoyable.