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Bluetooth Speaker Tutorial How To Connect and Use

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How to connect Bluetooth speakers to a laptop on both Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems is very easy. The principle is the same as connecting other Bluetooth devices, namely by making the Bluetooth speaker discoverable, scanning the device on the laptop, then connecting it.

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a PC or laptop in Windows can be done with just a few clicks. The method is similar to connecting a Bluetooth headset in Windows.

Bluetooth Speaker Tutorial

For those of you who still don’t know how in this post I will show you the steps. This is our Bluetooth Speaker Tutorial How To Connect and Use on a laptop (Windows).

Bluetooth Speaker Tutorial How to connect a laptop (Windows)

Turn on bluetooth speaker > enter pairing mode

First, turn on the Bluetooth speaker. Usually, when you first turn on the Bluetooth speaker it will automatically be in pairing mode. But this may vary from product to product.

On the JBL bluetooth speaker, for example, when turned on it will automatically be in pairing mode. Usually bluetooth speakers are also equipped with an LED indicator, when in pairing mode this LED indicator will blink.

Turn on bluetooth on the laptop

Make sure Bluetooth in Windows is turned on. If you haven’t turned it on first.

Select the Windows menu. Then enter the Settings section. You can also type in the search “Settings” or directly write “Bluetooth” for a faster way.

After that select the Devices option.

On the Bluetooth & other devices section, there is a button to turn Bluetooth on from off to on. Slide this switch to turn on Bluetooth.

Scan bluetooth speakers

For Windows 10 go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other devices > Bluetooth

Windows 8, go to Settings > Change PC Settings > Devices > Add a Device

For Windows 7 go to Start > Devices and Printers > Add a device > Next

Connect the bluetooth speaker to the laptop

Wait for Windows to finish scanning and find our bluetooth speaker, then click once on the name of the bluetooth speaker to connect.

Bluetooth speaker has been successfully connected

After the bluetooth speaker is successfully connected to the laptop a notification will appear. Try playing some music to see the results.

Bluetooth Speaker How to connect on macOS

The method is not too different for macOS users. We only need to turn on the Bluetooth speaker > make sure it is in pairing mode (discoverable) > scan on mac > connect.

See the following steps for more details:

  • Turn on Bluetooth speaker > enter pairing mode
  • Enter System Preferences, either via the icon on the dock or via the Apple menu.
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Turn on Bluetooth (if not already on) by pressing the Turn Bluetooth On button.
  • Wait for the Bluetooth speaker to read.
  • If the Bluetooth speaker name appears click Connect to connect.
  • Done, the speakers can be used.

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Some errors that maybe appears

Some tips for overcoming errors when connecting a bluetooth speaker

When using Bluetooth speakers on a laptop, especially on Windows, you might experience several problems such as:

Bluetooth speaker is connected but does not sound

The first problem that most often arises is the Bluetooth speaker is connected to the laptop but the sound does not appear. This can be caused because the playback device in Windows does not change automatically, so the sound output still leads to another playback device.

The fix is ​​to change the playback device to a Bluetooth speaker. On the taskbar in the right corner there is a speaker icon, click once on the icon, and then click on the Bluetooth speaker.

Like the example in the picture above, I use a JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker, so what I choose as a playback device is the JBL Flip 4.

To change the Bluetooth speaker to the default playback device, right-click on the speaker icon > Sounds > select the name of the Bluetooth speaker > click Set Default.

Bluetooth in Windows doesn’t work

The Bluetooth may suddenly stop working in Windows due to corrupt drivers, conflicts with other applications, or because of a damaged USB bluetooth adapter.

Bluetooth speaker not detected

If the bluetooth speaker is already in discoverable mode but cannot be detected in Windows, then you can try restarting the bluetooth service first.

The trick is to press the Windows key + R then type services.msc > OK.

We’ll go to Services. There will be a large list of services on the Windows system, look for a service called Bluetooth Support Service > click once > click Restart.

Bluetooth speaker cannot connect to laptop

When connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop, we may also experience problems not being able to connect even though the speaker can be detected properly.

This problem is usually caused because the bluetooth speaker is trying to connect to other devices that have been connected, such as cellphones for example.

When the bluetooth speaker is turned on, it will try to connect to the cellphone even though the bluetooth on the cellphone is turned off. If the cellphone bluetooth is turned on, the bluetooth speaker will automatically connect. This causes us to not be able to connect it to the laptop.

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