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When playing the COD Mobile game, an error sometimes appears suddenly with the message “Unfortunately, Call of Duty Mobile has stopped”.

The appearance of this error message coincided with a force close game, which suddenly came out by itself. In order to enter again we have to restart the game, but the problem is that sometimes the error just keeps appearing.

Of course, this will be very annoying once again, the fun of playing is an error like this appears. I have also experienced it several times, even though my COD Mobile game has been updated to the latest version and there have never been any problems before. Luckily I have a solution to solve this problem.

COD Mobile Always DC How To Fix It

On this occasion, technocentric will share how to overcome the powerful COD Mobile error “Unfortunately, Call of Duty Mobile has stopped“. You can try one by one the following tricks.

How To Fix COD Mobile Always DC

Clear cache

The cause of this problem is usually a bad cache which causes the game to force close frequently, to fix this we have to clean the application cache until it is clean.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Find the COD Mobile application
  • One tap to enter settings
  • In the Cache section press the Clear Cache button

After clearing the cache, try opening the COD Mobile game again, we may be asked to log in again. Login using the account you have. If successful, the game will be good again and the force close error will not appear.

Clearing this cache is different from Clear data, if it’s clear data we have to re-download updates and maps which can take up a lot of quota, so as a first step, just try clearing the cache, usually this method will work if the error is not severe.

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Reset internet connection

Errors in the COD Mobile game also often occur due to an unstable internet connection or even not working at all. This often happens on cellphones without us knowing it, sometimes the internet connection experiences a kind of glitch that makes it stop for no reason. When an error appears in the game or the game crashes and suddenly comes out by itself, try checking your internet connection first, running a browser or other application that requires a connection, see if the internet works? If not, then you can be sure that the cause is a stuck connection.

To fix this we can reset the internet connection. How to reset the internet connection on an Android phone is very easy, we can press the airplane mode button then wait for all the signals to die and after that deactivate airplane mode again. Wait for the internet to reconnect. This method will make us get a new IP address as well as reset the internet connection on our cellphone. Try opening the game again and see if the error is fix.

Don’t forget to also make sure that your internet is not being interrupted. If yES the network provider you are using is having problems then this method won’t be able to fix it. The only thing we can do is wait until the network is no longer interrupted.

Remove the last installed application

Clashes between one application and another on an Android phone also often cause errors that cause certain applications to crash and exit on their own. Especially in applications that have access to change the system or modify the overall appearance such as themes, fonts, icons and the like.

I have experienced this, when I installed an explorer application that can open two tabs because at that time I needed it. And it turns out that the effect makes the COD Mobile game often come out on its own, and even never enter at all. After I deleted the application the problem disappeared and the game could be played smoothly again.

Try to remember, was there the last application you installed before the COD Mobile error occurred. If so then the app is likely the culprit. To fix this, delete the application, then restart the cellphone. After that, try running the COD Mobile game again and see if the problem has been resolved.


Root an Android phone can indeed give us the flexibility to make various modifications and run applications that require root access. But sometimes this will actually be suspected as an attempt to cheat in some games. There are even games that cannot be opened with a rooted cellphone. Likewise with COD Mobile, maybe you will be considered cheating if you play using a rooted cellphone and can cause your account to be banned.

When you experience a COD Mobile Always DC, which often forces close, often exits itself. Maybe it coz your cellphone has been rooted, try to unroot your cell first. Return the cellphone settings to standard and use the default theme, then try playing the game again. If successful then the game will run smoothly again.

Clear application data

This is a powerful enough way to solve various errors in COD Mobile, namely by cleaning the application data. I have encountered the problem several times and using this method has always worked to solve it.

Follow these steps:
  • First exit the COD Mobile game
  • Open Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Find the COD Mobile game then press once
  • In the Storage section press the Clear Data button
  • Wait a moment until the application data is deleted
  • Run the game again and re-download updates and maps

Make sure your internet quota is sufficient because after clearing the application data we will be asked to re-download updates and maps. The size is quite large, especially if there is a major update. We will also be asked to log in again. For COD Mobile settings, it may not change because it is already connected to our account.

Use a VPN

Some people may also experience game crashes after updating for season 3, even though previously it was just fine. Now one trick that is powerful enough to overcome this is to use a VPN. The thing that is suspected to be the cause is the provider used is not suitable or there is a bug in the game that makes it often come out on its own.

By using a VPN we can get IPs from other countries, just use Singapore’s IP which is still in the Asian region so we can play on the same server. You can use a free VPN that is widely available on Playstore. Some VPNs with fairly smooth connections include ExpressVPN (free 7 day trial), NordVPN (paid), Hotspot Shield (free), ProtonVPN Free (free), TunnelBear VPN (free).

Reinstall the game

This is the final solution if all the methods above have been tried but nothing has worked. By doing a fresh install of the game application we will have clean data from bad cache, system errors, and other problematic files. The only drawback of this method is that it is quite complicated because you have to delete and re-download it. But if your internet connection is fast it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

First uninstall the COD Mobile application by going to Settings> Apps> COD Mobile> Uninstall. Wait until the game is deleted, then clean the cellphone with a cleaner application to make sure all residual files are deleted from memory then restart the cellphone. After that, re-download the COD Mobile application from Playstore and do the usual steps to enter the game.

Those are some of the ways I usually try to solve the error COD Mobile Always DC “Unfortunately, Call of Duty Mobile has stopped” and also the force close error which often causes the game to suddenly pop out by itself. Hopefully, some of the tricks above work on your cellphone.

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