How to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily

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How to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily
How to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily

OPTICXCESSHow to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily. In this article, we will share tricks on how to easily connect the keyboard to Android. Typing doesn’t always have to be from the Android keypad. We can also use the keyboard from a PC to type on Android.

How to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily

Certainly, among friends, no one knows this trick so you look for it on the internet. Have you ever thought about whether the PC keyboard can be installed on Android? Well, I sometimes think like that. I then looked for it on the internet and I found a way. Apparently, the method is very easy.

Logically, at first, I thought how can USB keyboard plugs be connected to Android, isn’t the size great? But I still find out, who knows there is a special trick. And it turns out to be true, even though the USB keyboard looks great from the USB hole on the cellphone, but that does not rule out the possibility of connecting the two devices.

After I saw a person who provided the tutorial on the internet, I came to understand that it turned out that connecting a keyboard to Android needed an additional device. What device is it, curious? Hehe. So we need an OTG cable. This cable is a mediator between the USB plug on the keyboard and the USB hole on the cellphone.

As for the OTG cable itself, we can get it everywhere. We can buy online or come directly to the HP accessory counter that is around you.

Ok then we just go directly to the tutorial How to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily:

How to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily

  • I assume all of you now have an OTG cable that you can get from an online store or from a mobile accessories shop that is in your place.
  • Then you connect the OTG cable with your smartphone and also the OTG cable keyboard.
  • If it’s already connected, then your keyboard can be directly used. Try opening a message, or anything you can use to try typing. Now, how about that, it’s quite easy, right?

The function of the OTG cable is not only used to connect the keyboard to Android but can be used to connect the flash disk to Android. So we can also transfer files between our smartphones and flash disk. Interesting right? tutorial about How to Connect the Keyboard to Android Easily, hopefully useful!

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