How to Display Label Shot On OPPO Smartphones

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How to Display Label Shot On OPPO Smartphones

OPTICXCESS — Armed with the watermark feature present in the OPPO camera application, you can now showcase your photographic works as well as showcase what smartphone you are currently using.

Along with the development of the operating system called ColorOS, OPPO is always improving various features in it, to make it easier for users.

One of them, they also introduced the watermark feature, which is also present on several new OPPO smartphones such as OPPO A5s, which can be used to display the Shot On OPPO label on the results of the camera.

Display Shot On Labels on OPPO

With this feature, you no longer need to install additional applications from third parties, to create a watermark when you are showing off photos or just for style.

Display Label Shot On OPPO

Interestingly, in addition to being able to display the Shot On OPPO label, this watermark feature on some OPPO smartphones will even allow you to display the photographer’s alias under your name.

Unfortunately, even though it’s easy to apply, many users are still confused to activate this feature. Even as explained earlier, you don’t even need to bother installing additional applications.

So that the Shot On OPPO watermark feature is active, you only need to activate it directly in the camera settings. However, different from smartphones in general, all system application settings in ColorOS are usually centralized in cellphone settings.

In more detail, you can open the application list page on the OPPO smartphone used, then select Settings. Then scroll down, then find and select the System Application option.

On the System Application settings page, then select Camera, then turn on the slider button located to the right of the Watermark option to activate Display Label Shot On OPPO.

On some OPPO smartphones, the Photographer option will appear after successfully turning on the Watermark. In this option, you can enter your name so that it will also appear on the Shot On OPPO label.