How to Display RAM Memory Usage on Samsung Phones

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OPTICXCESS — How to Display RAM Memory Usage on Samsung Phones.

To keep Samsung cellphones from slowing down, we have to monitor how much RAM memory uses and how much is left. The smaller the free memory left, the cellphone will feel more slow when running other applications.

To fix this, we have to clear memory so that programs running in the background are turned off and no longer burden the system.

So that we know when is the right time to clear memory, we must first know whether at that time there is only a little free RAM left. One way that can be used is to display memory consumption on the home screen.

Luckily on Samsung phones there is a widget feature that can do this. On this occasion I will provide a tutorial.

How to Display RAM Memory Usage on Samsung Phones

Go to the home page

The first step is to enter the home screen of your Samsung cellphone first. On this page, we will install a widget to display RAM memory consumption.

Tap and hold on an empty area

Then tap on an empty area until a menu appears to add pages, change the wallpaper, themes, widgets, and home screen settings.

Select Widgets

Display RAM Memory Usage

Tap on the Widgets button once.

Select the widget named Device care

Display RAM Memory Usage

Next we will see lots of widgets that can be used, find a widget called Device care and tap it once.

Select Device care size 4 × 1

Display RAM Memory Usage

There are two widget sizes that we can use. Select a 4 × 1 widget so that it can display storage usage, RAM, and buttons for optimization (cleaning ram).

Put it on the home screen

Install the memory widget to the homescreen by tapping + holding the widget until it is installed.

When finished we will see how much remaining storage (internal memory), RAM memory usage from the home page.

How to clear RAM memory

To clean the memory, you can press the Optimize button once, the system will do the cleaning automatically by closing programs in the background.

With this widget on the front screen, we can continue to monitor how much memory is left, so that when the cellphone feels heavy when running certain applications we can easily press the Optimize button to make the system lighter again.

How, easy right? May be useful.