NetEase Announces a Mobile Game Titled Eggy Party


OPTICXCESS — NetEase Announces a Mobile Game Like ‘Fall Guys’ Titled Eggy Party

NetEase, known as the game developer LifeAfter and Identity V, recently announced their first casual competitive game title similar to Fall Guys.

Eggy Party via

Titled Eggy Party, this game similar to Fall Guys requires players to compete with each other in various mini games to determine who is the winner.

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Quoted from The Gamer, Friday (22 / o1 / 2021) Eggy Party is scheduled to launch for the Chinese gamer market for iOS and Android users, as quoted from The Gamer, Friday (22/1/2021).

Right now Eggy Party is still in the pre-registration stage in China and it is not certain when the game will be released. Although it will only be planned for Chinese players, it is likely that the Eggy Party will be released globally as well.

Until now, there is still no more detailed information about this battle royale-style platformer game, but NetEase has shown off a number of screenshots and a short trailer for the Eggy Party game.

Later in Eggy Party players will play egg-shaped characters and they have to face other players to win matches that are similar to Fall Guys.

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Although reluctant to be called like Fall Guys, NetEase seems to want to imitate the success of this game made by Mediatonic.

For your information, the mobile version of the Fall Guys game license is currently pocketed by Bilibili, and until now there is still no news when the mobile game will launch outside of China.

This is of course profitable for NetEase who can take advantage of the Eggy Party game to be able to reap success in the mobile market such as Fall Guys on consoles and PCs.

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