Facebook Features and Functions that you MUST Know

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Facebook Features and Functions that you MUST Know

OPTICXCESS – Facebook Features and Functions that you MUST Know

Facebook is one of the most widely used types of social media around the world. Its diverse functions ranging from sharing photos, videos, locations, activities, and others make it even more interesting. Moreover, every year, Facebook is always updating both in terms of features and functions that must be known by its users.

OPTICXCESS - Facebook Features and Functions that you MUST Know

The look of modern Facebook is now different from the past where there are more qualified features and facilities. Facebook with various versions is also widely used. Some prefer the old Facebook version, others like the Facebook Lite view. This depends on the user’s comfort.

Though Facebook itself continues to make updates that are tailored to the needs. One example of this feature is the story. Like Instagram, Facebook can now share stories within 24 hours. What other features are available? To find out more, including secret tricks using FB, you can immediately refer to the explanation below.

Facebook Features and Functions

1. Live Broadcast
It’s not only Instagram that has live and story features. Facebook is now equipped with this facility for your loyal Facebook users. In this one feature, it is possible for you to share ongoing moments either alone or together with friends.

In addition, live broadcasts are available with a participation column and a comment column for the audience who wants to interact with you. This feature itself is specifically called “Facebook Live“.

2. Search for Topics with Hash
Like Twitter with hashtags, Facebook is no less sophisticated by using hashtags to search for an information topic. It’s just the difference on FB, there is no such thing as trending topics because it is blocked by the privacy of the posting party. If the account is public then those fenced posts can be seen by anyone.

3. Upload photos and albums at the same time
Facebook is known as one of the first social media platforms that can function as an online version of an album or photo book. How come? On Facebook, you will easily add a lot of photos in an album title at once. It does not take long and complicated way, you can save all photos on Facebook.

Not only in terms of photos, but Facebook also allows you to post several videos at once. More sophisticated because the uploaded video is not limited by duration or size. It’s just that uploading several videos at once can not be used as a photo album.

4. Leave a Comment with Reaction
In the past, on Facebook, you can only like or see a post. But now it will be more fun because your likes can be accompanied by expressions. There are at least six reaction choices you can choose when you like a post. Among them are like, haha, sad, angry and heart. Vice versa posts that you upload can get reactions from Facebook friends.

5. Sending Files
Facebook Messenger, which is available in the new Facebook version, can be used as a means to send files like email. In this case, the user not only exchanges text messages or stickers but also sends more data to other Facebook messenger users.

How do you take advantage of this feature? Very easy, first open the chat column with the person you want to send the file or data to. After that click the icon with the gear image located on the right in the chat window. Next, you will find the words “Add File”, click, select file, select, send and finish. Enough with that simple thing, moving data will be easy and fast.

  • Facebook Features and Functions that you MUST Know

6. Download all statuses, videos, and photos
All posts that you upload in the form of photos, videos, and status can be downloaded again as a copy. Everything in your personal account can be copied to messages to your conversations with other people. How to?

The trick, you only need to enter the “Settings” menu then select “General” and look at the very bottom of the page. There you will find posts with the option “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” By selecting that option and following the next command, the copying process will begin immediately.

7. Change Profile Photo to GIF
Usually, the time will come when you get bored with the profile picture that just like that. Now, did you know? Now Facebook can change your profile photo in the form of GIF. How can? You just need to follow the steps as follows:

On the Facebook mobile application, you need to press “take a new profile video” on the page to be able to change your profile photo. When it also facebook will display the camera directly for you to take photos and convert it to GIF format.

8. Select the Profile and Page that you want to prioritize
Generally, if you already have a lot of friends on Facebook, there must be a post that is missed or missed. Though it could be a post or update from that person, including important to you. The newest features of Facebook are able to prioritize the posts of anyone you want to prioritize.

All you have to do is select the “News Feed Preferences” option and put a Star mark for the profile or page that you want to prioritize for the update to appear. When finished, their posts will appear on the top page of your timeline.

9. See the days you have never logged in or logged in
Ever worried, if there are other parties who open your Facebook without you knowing? Take it easy, in the latest features of Facebook, you can already see the history of any source you’ve entered. Thus, you can see whether the log in process is only you who do it or other sources that you don’t know about.

The way is easy, you only need to enter the “Settings” option, then “Account settings” and “security” options. On that page, you will find the words “where you’re logged in.” By selecting it you will see a list of places that you have entered to log in.

10. Teach your friends to spell your name correctly
Usually, this feature is very useful for those of you who have difficulty spelling of names. In the profile settings section, you can immediately select the “detail you” option and option under the “About” option.

This feature will provide several predictions for the correct spelling of your name. Then all you have to do is check and save the settings. Your friends visiting your profile will be able to hear how your name is spelled correctly.

This is information related to the latest features of Facebook or commonly abbreviated as FB. Its diverse functions, starting from the better picture and video quality, will make social networking activities more fun and exciting. You also will not be bored with Facebook because of its features.

The advantages that continue to be highlighted by minimizing the shortcomings, hopefully, Facebook can satisfy its users. Other social media that continue to do the same sophisticated updates are Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Path, and others. Hopefully, this set of information is exactly what you need.