How to Find Out Original and Fake Samsung (Imitation)

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OPTICXCESSHow to Find Out Original and Fake Samsung (Imitation) – Now we will inform How to Find Out Original and Fake Samsung (Imitation). Among you sure no one wants to get an imitation Samsung right?

So, you need to be careful when buying a Samsung cellphone. On the market, there are actually a lot of imitation phones or counterfeit goods, especially for Samsung smartphones. Usually, the most famous companies doing an imitation of this item are from China.

Therefore, it is expected that among friends there will be no victims as imitation Samsung buyers. So, you have to slaughter in choosing and differentiating which Samsung is original and not. Don’t be easily tempted by cheap Samsung prices from market prices.

If you find the Samsung price is below the market average, you should be suspicious. A trader does not want to lose when selling his smartphone products. So, it is not possible for goods to be sold cheaply from capital or market prices.

If there are smartphones that dare to sell at prices below the market, it is certain that they are used items. But if it is still new and sold at a very cheap price, which is sold below the market price, it is certain that it is an imitation brand.

Usually, an honest imitation seller has mentioned the item as HDC or replica. And indeed, there are lots of HDC goods sellers on the market and the merchants admit it.

But the problem is when there are traders who say that the HDC items they sell are Original Samsung products. Well, for ordinary buyers, they must be fooled by bad traders like this.

So it’s a good idea to do some research in advance about what needs to be known so that we can distinguish between the original and the fake. So, understand how to distinguish original and fake Samsung (imitation):

How to Find Out Original and Fake Samsung (Imitation)

How to Find Out Original and Fake Samsung (Imitation)

To make sure the smartphone you want to buy is Original or fake, first, check by pressing *#1234#

After pressing the # key then you will automatically be diverted to information on 3 types of software versions, like AP, CP, and CSC that look like this:

How to Find Out Original and Fake Samsung

But if it turns out nothing happens or not switch to the software information display, it means that the Samsung you’re currently using is an imitation.

Then the second way is to try to press *#0*#.

On the original smartphone, after you press # it will immediately be switched to the Samsung sensor tester display that looks like this:

However, if nothing happens after you press the button above, it means that the Samsung you are currently using is an imitation.

Well, that was the first two ways How to Find Out Original and Fake Samsung (Imitation) hopefully useful for all friends. Make sure not to be easily tempted by the low prices offered by the sword, be a smart buyer who is able to research goods before buying. I say good luck, hopefully…

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