How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F)

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How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F)

OPTICXCESS — How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F)

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F) to overcome boot loop (Stuck on the logo), forgot password (Pattern Unlock). You can start the action by installing 4 files to your device via Odin support. This method can be said to be easier because it doesn’t take a long time.

Flash Samsung Galaxy A10s

You just need the proper preparation of the support files. Without this, you won’t be able to flash the Samsung Galaxy A10s. Moreover, your goal is to make software repairs. Of course you have to think carefully before starting this step.

The Samsung Galaxy A10s is the latest smartphone that has been circulating in the market. It also bears very sophisticated specifications. If you also just bought this smartphone, you don’t need to hesitate with several important things. Including how to restore your own device.

There are a number of things that you should know while using the smartphone. Apart from usage, you also have to understand about some important tips. For example, the steps in resetting factory data. This can really help you when you are in trouble.

This includes when you have screen lock problems such as passwords or patterns. This is an easy problem to solve and won’t waste your time. There may only be a small amount of risk that you will encounter.

Namely regarding the deletion of data stored in it. This is because the smartphone is locked and it is possible to create a backup file that cannot be done. Likewise, when your device is stuck on the logo. The smartphone is no longer able to enter the system menu and there may also be no opportunity to create a backup.

Now if indeed your smartphone is boot loop this means that there is a problem with the software and it needs an update. How to flash the Samsung Galaxy A10s is a solution that you can do right now. This is the right step when you have tried the hard reset method.

Chances are your device is still bootloop. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t work by resetting the factory settings. However, your device does need a software repair.

Here’s How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F)

Please start by charging your device battery until it has a charge of 60% or more. Don’t ignore this as this is the main requirement.

Download the three files below:

Extract all the files in Zip format including the firmware you just downloaded. You will get the files in a separate folder.

Just install the SAMSUNG driver until it’s finished. After that, connect the microUSB cable to your Computer port.

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy A10s smartphone first until it turns off completely. Next, press and hold the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons while plugging in the USB cable. When the ‘Warning‘ notification appears on your device screen, just press the Volume Up button once. The device will enter Odin Mode like the following example.

Download mode Samsung Galaxy A10s

Once in Downloading mode, run the Odin application. You will see that Odin will detect your device with a BLUE box and appear with a COM port number.

Now you can add each file to each field in Odin according to the column names BL, AP, CP, CSC. Use CSC files if you want to flash clean or HOME CSC if you want to save your apps and data.

Odin view Flash Samsung Galaxy A10s

Don’t check any additional boxes and the only options to be checked are F Reset Time and Auto-Reboot.

Click the Start button, just wait until Odin says ‘PASS‘ in the green box. This means the firmware flashing has been successfully performed.

After the flash is complete, your device will reboot, and you can disconnect your smartphone from the USB cable.

You have successfully updated your device by means of flash Samsung Galaxy A10s. Now you can wait for the device to load for just a few minutes. Usually, it doesn’t take long.

If the language selection appears on your smartphone screen, you can choose which one you want to use. If necessary, you must also have an active internet package on that device to log into your email account.

This was my tutorial on how to flash Samsung Galaxy A10s using Odin Tools. Hopefully, this can be a way that can help you make improvements and updates.