Flashing Oppo A71L CPH1801 With MicroSD

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Flashing Oppo A71L CPH1801 With MicroSD — In this article, our plan is to review how to flash the Oppo A71L CPH1801 smartphone. When you today also want to do an update with your smartphone ColorOS I hope the tips that I have reviewed can help you.

When you don’t know the process, you can immediately listen to the stages that I will give you free of charge. Actually, it is very easy to update and flashing the firmware. However, not all users will understand this step, and sometimes some are still confused.

To overcome a number of problems including the software part of the smartphone that just keeps booting on the logo, you should learn from now on. Unlike you restart the smartphone for the purpose of resetting the settings.

Flashing Oppo A71L CPH1801 With MicroSD

Flash reset will work to restore all system performance and repair it. However, for the firmware I have provided a number of choices and that I have shared before.

You can also choose files for the flashing process via a PC with a tool that is also already available directly. While this step might be a little different and I will only review about flashing with an OTA update file.

In my opinion, this method is very easy for me to review and I share with you as a basic guide that I understand. The tool used is also quite simple because it only has microSD memory only.

Besides that, the steps are only done through the ColorOS recovery menu where this menu has been provided by a smartphone. Like what method? ok for those of you who want to update immediately with your favorite smartphone Oppo A71L CPH1801 then I will prepare a very easy guide.

This is how to Flashing Oppo A71L CPH1801

Flashing Oppo A71L CPH1801 With MicroSD

Of course, it is also very easy for you to understand directly while practicing reading my reviews from each stage.

You prepare the file first:

A71L / CPH1801EX_11_OTA_0020_all.ozip

  • The first step to Flashing Oppo A71L CPH1801 is to prepare enough battery power on your smartphone at least 90%
  • Now turn off your smartphone power by pressing the Power button until it is completely off
  • Format your microSD memory first
  • Then copy the file A71L / CPH1801EX_11_OTA_0020_all.ozip the results you downloaded earlier into microSD memory and don’t put them in a folder and don’t extract them
  • Now you just plug the microSD memory that has been filled into the file slot on your smartphone
  • Next, start your smartphone by pressing the Volume (-) button and the Power button then hold a few seconds
  • Hold the two buttons until the Oppo logo appears on the screen and after that, you release only the Power button
  • After a while, the language selection menu will appear at the top of the screen
  • You can just press the Volume (-) or Volume (+) buttons to scroll and press the Power button to select or you can tap the selection with your finger so it is easier
  • Choose the English menu
  • In the ColorOS recovery menu, please select Install from the storage device, then you select the From sd menu again
  • Next, you select the file that you placed in the microSD memory
  • Confirm OK to start the firmware update on your smartphone
  • The updating process will take several minutes and wait for the procession to succeed
  • When finished, you select Reboot

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Maybe that’s all my discussion about how to Flashing Oppo A71L CPH1801 or update the Oppo A71L CPH1801 smartphone without going through a PC. Hopefully, what you have become my review in this article you can understand well and also easy for you to understand.