Galaxy Tab S7 Series 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy It

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Galaxy Tab S7 Series 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy It

OPTICXCESS — Galaxy Tab S7 Series Reasons Why You Should Buy It

Samsung is again showing its fangs as a leader in the Android tablet market with the innovative Galaxy Tab S7 Series duo.

As the latest generation of Galaxy Tabs, of course, Samsung provides various types of upgrades and new features in the Galaxy Tab S7 Series compared to the Galaxy Tab S6 as its predecessor.

Galaxy Tab S7 Series

Apart from performance that is definitely more reliable, what updates make the Galaxy Tab S7 Series a superior tablet device?

Galaxy Tab S7 Series Reasons Why You Should Buy It

Features That Free Your Creativity

Galaxy Tab S7 Series

There are tons of segments that are getting an upgrade on the Galaxy Tab S7 Series. The latest generation of the S Pen is one that stole the show. The technological leap that Samsung has given the S Pen this time allows it to have higher sensitivity and very low latency.

This of course causes what is written to appear on the screen in an instant, thus providing a writing experience like on paper. That way you can be creative or take notes with a more natural sensation.

Not only that, the S Pen, which is designed with a focus on comfort, again has a magnetic feature so that the S Pen can be attached to the back of the Tab S7 Series so that it is not easily lost.

Samsung also provides a variety of application support, one of which is S Notes, which is now more flexible. Through this application, you can take notes more easily thanks to its advanced features such as Handwriting to Text and Audio Bookmark.

Accompanying the latest generation of the S Pen, the Galaxy S7 Series is also equipped with Wireless DeX technology so you no longer need to use cables to connect. So you can display various types of content to your TV more practically. Gone are the annoying transverse cables.

Samsung DeX itself allows the interface of the Tab S7 Series to change to resemble a desktop display, making it perfect for those of you who want to take productivity to the next level.

Powerful Top Class Performance

Galaxy Tab S7 Series Processor

The Galaxy Tab S7 Series also gets an upgrade for its spurred kitchen. Powered by the Snapdragon 865+ chipset which is extremely fierce in terms of performance, this device will deliver uncompromising performance to meet the needs of professionals.

At the same time, the Galaxy Tab S7 Series already uses LPDDR5 technology RAM which is not only faster but also more efficient in terms of power consumption than the LPDDR4X owned by the Galaxy Tab S6.

This combination allows the Galaxy Tab S7 Series to bulldoze all kinds of applications, even heavy ones with ease. So you can always rely on the Galaxy Tab S7 for various types of activities be it for digital art purposes, office work, or even playing games even during your spare time.

Unmatched Advanced Screen Display

Galaxy Tab S7 Display

To provide more perfect user experience, Tab S7 Series is also equipped with a screen that promises to be visually captivating.

The Galaxy Tab S7 + as the highest variant offers a screen with a Super AMOLED panel with WQXGA + resolution (2800 × 1752 pixels) and supports HDR10 + content.

The cool thing is, the screen of the Galaxy Tab S7 + also has 120Hz refresh rate support so that it can display much smoother animation movements compared to most screens that still have a 60Hz refresh rate only.

This enhancement allows the Galaxy Tab S7 + to be able to render images more vividly to provide a fully immersive visual experience for any content. Apart from having accurate colors, support for a higher refresh rate will also provide better responsiveness.

Bigger Battery, Longer Life

Battery Performance

The battery category is a category that has received a significant increase. Now Samsung is equipping the Galaxy Tab 7 Series with a battery that will make the Galaxy S6’s 7,040mAh battery feel dwarfed.

To ensure a longer usage period, the Tab S7 is now equipped with an 8,000mAh battery. But the most interesting thing is of course the Galaxy Tab S7 + which has a much bigger battery, 10,090mAh to be precise.

With such a large battery, the Galaxy Tab S7 Series can be used in daily activities without worrying about running out of power in the middle of an activity. Even the Galaxy Tab S7 + is predicted to be able to play videos up to 14 hours continuously.

Satisfying Entertainment Center


With its various enhancements, the Tab S7 Series will provide a better entertainment experience. The combination of a charming screen and a large battery allows you to enjoy immersive content for a longer time.

That way you can use the Tab S7 Series as an entertainment center because it is able to provide an immersive entertainment experience wherever you are. Especially when you have to travel for a long time, such as boarding a plane, the Galaxy Tab S7 Series can be your friend during the trip.

As an added bonus, the Galaxy Tab S7 Series also includes a free 4-month YouTube Premium subscription so you will get a more optimal and ad-free experience when using YouTube.

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