Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu The Best One

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Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu The Best One
Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu The Best One

Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu The Best One – OPTICXCESS Version

Happy birthday Nobuo Uematsu! One of the best video game music composers ever in the gaming industry, he is now 62 years old. Born in Kochi on March 21, 1959, he is no stranger to gamers who enjoy Japanese game products, especially Final Fantasy, which stands under the banner of Square Enix.

That’s right, if there is one Final Fantasy music that you like, especially from the NES era to the Playstation 2, then chances are that there is a Nobuo Uematsu type brain behind it. The music he produces not only manages to build a fantastic atmosphere, but is also able to evoke emotions in such an effective manner. Everything was accomplished with a humble demeanor.

At the age of 62, Uematsu’s career is no longer as vigorous and fast as when he was young. Having been sick some time ago which resulted in the cancellation of several concerts that were previously planned, he also admitted that he no longer had enough energy to work on and handle the entire video game OST.

Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu
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The project owned by his old friend – Hironobu Sakaguchi, a JRPG game entitled Fantasy which was released as an exclusive to Apple Arcade was alleged to be the last OST game album he handled. Next? Uematsu may only be involved in handling a few music tracks for the games entrusted to him.

Throughout his career in the gaming industry, only choosing the best 10 songs from all the fantastic works that he has succeeded in producing is of course not an easy job. Remember, although the figure of Nobuo Uematsu is famous through his music in Final Fantasy, he is also trusted to handle many other video games.

It won’t be surprising if you find that your favorite music you love from your non-Final Fantasy games turns out to end up working on it. Therefore, this article should be seen as a celebration to appreciate this fantastic composer.

Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu The Best One

Vamo’all Flamenco (Final Fantasy IX)

Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu. Of all the Final Fantasy projects he has worked on, Final Fantasy IX seems worthy of being seen as a series where Uematsu is heard experimenting with so many cultural approaches from the musical side. One of them surfaced through Vamo’all Flamenco with a Spanish flavor that is so strong, it makes you want to sing and dance. The fact that this music can fit into the game with the protagonist in the shape of a monkey, a little witch with no name, with the extra of fighting dragons in several corners of the world is an achievement in itself.

Aria at Mezzo Carattere (Final Fantasy VI)

In the SNES era, with the limited performance of consoles at that time, the approach to music was very different. You won’t find music in the song formats that took off in the early Playstation era. Believe it or not, in such a limited era, Nobuo Uematsu has given birth to “Aria di Mezzo Carattere”, an opera music where the lyrics are still sung with limited MIDI quality. Extra appreciation began to emerge when this music began to enter the realm of the orchestra and was sung in its proper capacity. This class of music comes from a video game? The quality seems enough to make even ordinary classical music lovers stunned.

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Hum of the Fayth (Final Fantasy X)

Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu. How to mix a piece of music that is ready to accompany a scene that doesn’t look visually beautiful, but also builds a foundation about the world and the characters it carries. That a graceful dance that should be beautiful is now associated with death and sorrow. That the dance that was supposed to be encouraging and joyful now had to be executed by a young summoner who couldn’t help but accept, that this was a “task” he had to endure. Beauty, sadness, grace, with the quality of this strong religious ritual that Uematsu managed to offer through the phenomenal Hum of the Fayth.

Terra’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI)

Have you ever heard a piece of music that immediately gets you excited? That you understand that something special is attached to it, and therefore waiting for you to come? Imagine if that music was achieved using MIDI alone in a past era. This is what Nobuo Uematsu has successfully achieved with Terra’s Theme, which is one of Final Fantasy’s most iconic OSTs. You must have heard of it on one occasion or another, whether you recognize it or not. The modernization process after its release, where the music is presented in an orchestral format or just a cover, has enriched the sense of appreciation.

Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VIII)

Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu. The sound of the waves swishing on the beach, the quality of visuals that you have never seen in any of the first Playstation games, followed by fantastic character introductions that are also followed by a little action, something special with the way Squaresoft designed the opening of Final Fantasy VIII at that time. Amid all these transitions, Liberi Fatali flows to greet you, providing a fantastic layer of mystery and suspense. When the music softens along with Gunblade falling from the sky and Edea’s faint figure, then moves back quickly to follow the action of Seifer and Squall, this is one of the best JRPG opening films ever.

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A Place to Call Home (Final Fantasy IX)

How often have you listened to a song and often found that their title failed to represent the emotions you are currently feeling? This is in no way the case with the many OSTs in Final Fantasy IX that end up riveting. Welcoming you from the first time you play it, sticking to the main menu when you are just about to prepare your heart to dive into a fantasy world that you do not understand, “A Place to Call Home” will instantly make you fall in love from the first second. There is something special about this one music.

Roar of the Departed Souls (Lost Odyssey)

Its popularity is not comparable to Final Fantasy, but for gamers who have tasted Lost Odyssey in the past, there is something special about this JRPG game which explores the concept of immortality so effectively. One of the most memorable music is of course “Roar of the Departed Souls” which played in the last battle. Fighting creatures with powers you never imagined before, while listening to epic music that at first seems to laugh at you so weak is the most effective way to get your adrenaline pumping. The name Lost Odyssey may be getting forgotten, but the position of the Roar of the Departed Souls as one of Nobuo Uematsu’s masterpieces will not last.

Main Theme (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Once one of the most active memes on the internet, it’s impossible if you haven’t heard the main theme song for Super Smash Bros. The previous brawl. The question now is whether you know that this one music was also composed by a Nobuo Uematsu? Although Nintendo is no longer actively used by Nintendo for the latest Smash Bros series, the appreciation of so many people for this main theme song without knowing who the person is responsible for it seems to be a separate testimony about the genius of Nobuo Uematsu.

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One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII)

Game Music From Nobuo Uematsu. One of the best video game music? Of course. One of the hottest boss theme songs in the gaming industry? Of course. One of Nobuo Uematsu’s masterpieces? Can not be denied. One of those music that always manages to get goosebumps on your neck? Yes, too. In the world of game industry music, talking about “One Winged Angel”, which is actually the main music for Sephiroth, seems to be talking about a music that is so iconic that it has inspired so many other composers, whether involved in video games or not. There is something special about Nobuo Uematsu’s ability to not only concoct an epic and gripping music at the same time, but also capture the horror, majesty, and madness of a Sephiroth.

Valley of the Fallen Star (Final Fantasy VII)

Some of you may be confused by the choice that we put in the first position, considering that there are so many other Nobuo Uematsu’s music that is more appropriate, even though other Final Fantasy VII music though. However, due to personal preferences and how in the past this music has managed to steal our hearts, even enough to keep us in Cosmo Canyon for a long time just to enjoy this music alone, this is our first choice. There was a strong nostalgic sensation when “Valley of the Fallen Star” played, leaving a lingering memory, more than even One Winged Angel. Close your eyes while enjoying this music, imagine an arid valley studded with stars in the sky, and you will understand better what kind of impression he is capable of leaving.

Above are the 10 best music, according to our version, that has been born by a Nobuo Uematsu. On this 62nd birthday, we of course wish him all the best as well as our gratitude for his success in giving birth to so many video game music that have successfully elevated the existing playing experience, but also ended up leaving so many good memories. Even though there is the potential for this important figure to end up retiring at this time, there will never be a wrong time to continue to celebrate about what he has succeeded in producing and accomplishing in this industry that we love.

What do you think? Of all the songs composed and born by a Nobuo Uematsu so far, which one has become your favorite OST? Feel free to comment and expand the list!