How To Hide Online Last Time on Facebook

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OPTICXCESSHow To Hide Online Last Time on Facebook. At this opportunity, I will show you how to eliminate the last time online on Facebook and Messenger.

Among friends, there must be someone who wants to hide the active status because they want to remove the trace so that they are not known to be using Facebook.

The most common thing is because you don’t want to know your boyfriend. Boyfriends who see us always active on Facebook will certainly forbid us to reduce the use of Facebook.

Once we are exposed online for hours, let alone not knowing the time, which boyfriend can bear to let us in these conditions, especially until staying up late.

But it is precisely some people, they do not like being too cared for like that. Even to use Facebook, it must be prohibited or limited.

Indeed, using Facebook at any time may be an important thing not to stay up late and leave the activity. But we will not feel free when what we do can be known by people.

If you are one of the criteria for people who don’t want to be overlooked, the only way is to turn off Facebook’s active status while online.

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Another thing that is often experienced is when you are not using Facebook, but unconsciously it turns out that your friends/girlfriend see you instead of in online status.

It is not known what keeps the messenger active without our knowledge. It turns out that the active messenger continues because the application runs in the background as long as the smartphone is active.

How to avoid being seen online, then we need to turn off the online status on Facebook Messenger. How to hide online status is done in chat settings.

Settings for removing online status on Facebook Lite or Messenger and sites are all almost the same steps.

For that, the following is complete how to turn off online status or eliminate the latest invoice online.

This is How To Hide Online Last Time on Facebook.

How To Hide Online Last Time on Facebook

Hide Active Status and the last Online on Messenger

  • First, you open the messenger application on your smartphone, then click the two-person icon button.
  • Then you click the Active tab. Well, you see next to your name there is an on / off button. To turn off the active status, make sure the clause set button is beside your name in the off position.

Now for PC users who access Facebook from the browser, you can follow these steps:

How To Hide Online Last Time on Facebook

Hide Active Status on (PC)

  • First of all, you see a gear icon in the lower right corner right in the chat section. Click the icon. Then select Disable Status.  
  • Next, you select the desired option. If you don’t want to be seen online by all your Facebook friends, then check the first option. The second option is to deactivate the online status of all friends except the person we choose. Option three, to turn off online status only for a few friends.  

Well, that was the first two ways How To Hide Online Last Time on Facebook and Messenger. Hopefully useful for all of us.