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How to Activate Dark Mode Windows 10 – Dark mode or night mode or night mode lately it is popularly used in various everyday devices, such as smartphones or PCs.

Google itself has planned to bring Dark Mode to Android version Q which is planned to be present on many devices by the end of 2019.

Mac OS users have also gotten this dark mode on the Mojave macOS update released in September 2018. What about Windows 10?

Actually, Microsoft has also added this dark mode feature to Windows 10 Anniversary Update in October 2018.

Activate Dark Mode Windows 10

1. Open Settings

First, you must have access to settings. There are two ways that can be used, namely by holding down the Windows + i button or by clicking the Windows icon in the taskbar and clicking the Settings icon.

2. Check Windows 10 Version

After entering Settings, make sure your Windows has at least version 1607 (Anniversary Update) or above. The way to check it is quite easy when entering Settings, select System then About then scroll down to the Windows specifications section.

There will be info about the OS that we use, make sure the version used is version 1607 and above. If your Windows is still under 1607, it is better to immediately update to the latest version.

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How to update Windows is also quite easy, by opening the Settings again, then select Update and Security and select Windows Update. If you are sure that your Windows is version 1607 and above, then continue reading the next step.

3. Open Personalization

How to Activate Dark Mode Windows 10

When in Settings, select Personalization then selects Colors. Scroll down until you find “Choose your default app mode”, there will be Light and Dark options. Just select Dark and congratulations you have used night mode (Dark Mode) in Windows 10.

When it was first released in Anniversary Update, Dark Mode did not work in File Explorer until finally in the 1809 update, Microsoft brought Dark Mode to File Explorer.

That article is How to Activate Dark Mode Windows 10. See u again in the next usefull article.

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