How to Add Android RAM with Only 2 GB Capacity

How to Add Android RAM with Only 2 GB Capacity

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OPTICXCESSHow to Add Android RAM with Only 2 GB Capacity. Today We will share tricks on how to add Android RAM with only 2 GB capacity.

Today, smartphones with only a capacity of 2GB or less can be categorized in a low-performance smartphone class. This type of smartphone is not suitable for gaming.

From day to day, the need for smartphones is not just for texting, telephone, and internet. But smartphones are now also used for more demanding work, like gaming.

The average type of smartphone that is capable of “lifting weights” is currently a smartphone that has a ram above 2 GB, namely 3, 4, and 6 GB.

Indeed, some games can be run on small RAM capacity smartphones, say for example 2GB RAM or below. But only certain games are only for light games.

How to Add Android RAM with Only 2 GB Capacity

Light games are games that do not involve the display of graphics or simple language games that do not involve graphic images that change rapidly, for example, Zuma, onet, etc.

As for games that rely on graphic displays, for example, such as PUBG and Mobile Legend. Generally, in order to be able to run games like this, the smartphone specifications must be above especially in RAM.

If so, can we actually add Android RAM? The answer is no. However, we can only maximize their capacity.

By maximizing the capacity of Android, then what we just felt is our RAM is small, it will feel bigger. And indeed, this method is proven to be like we can increase RAM capacity.

So, without needing to go any further, here are the ways to add Android RAM with only 2 GB capacity in full:

How to Add Android RAM with Only 2 GB Capacity

  • First of all, you open Settings. Then look for options About Cellphones.
  • Next, you search for the Form Number option. If you meet, you tap as many as 7x options until a notification appears that we are in developer mode.
  • Then you come back again to the main event Settings. Here we will look for the location of the Developer Settings. On OPPO smartphones, usually in the Additional Settings. Click on the option.
  • Next, you find the Developer Options option then tap.
  • Then activate Developer Options by check it to green. And various developer options will appear.
  • Then you scroll down and look for the choice of Background Process Limits. Then tap on the selection.
  • Well, here’s how. At this step, you tick Without background process. Background limits are application limits that run in the background even if they are not running. The fewer applications that run in the background, the more you can maximize your RAM capacity.

Well, that was the tutorial of how to add Android RAM with only 2 GB capacity. The above method is proven to increase the RAM capacity of your Android so that when used to play Mobile Legends or PUBG it can be lighter. So first, hopefully useful. I say good luck, good luck!

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