How to Change the Name Among Us Game

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How to Change the Name Among Us Game
How to Change the Name Among Us Game

OPTICXCESS — How to Change the Name Among Us Game

Among Us is a game that is very busy being discussed by many parties. This one game can indeed download gamers for Android and iOS users. So, for those of you who are tired of using the same name, here we will explain how to change the name Among Us.

For information, the quality of the Among Us graphics still has a 2D format, and the gameplay doesn’t have many complicated rules. The reason is that there are only two roles, namely between the players to become importers and you become Crewmates.

The task in this game is very simple, Impostor is only assigned to kill a Cremate. However, they are also required to have the ingenuity to hide and remove traces so that other players don’t know about the murder.

How to Change the Name Among Us Game

One more thing, when entering into discussion mode, gamers who have the role of being Impostors must be good at evading and providing various reasons so that they are not accused of being the perpetrators of murder.

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Meanwhile, Crewmate has the task to complete the missions or tasks available on the notification side as a whole, in order to successfully win the game against Impostors. The most exciting thing about playing Among Us is that players can interact, such as voice calls, chat, in order to negotiate to defend their respective missions.

As an online game, to be able to signify a character from other characters can be distinguished by a nickname or name. With the presence of that name, players can find out and mention other characters while in discussion mode in order to determine who is the killer.

During playing this game, have you ever changed your nickname or character name? Even though many have played Among Us, there are still people who don’t know how to change their nickname in the gameplay.

How to Change the Name Among Us Game

Your nickname in Among Us will appear above the character used. So that the nickname will always be seen wherever you walk. So, if the characters in Among Us have been arranged to your liking, it will add to the mood when playing.

You can change the nickname Among Us by entering the game. So, you should know that changing the name Among Us is very easy. The only problem is that sometimes players of this game are too lazy to find out where the setting options are to change the nickname.

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What’s more, if the Among Us game users want to just try a little, they will immediately know where the settings are to change the Among Us nickname. However, if you really don’t know how to change the name Among Us, it’s a good idea for gamers to follow a tutorial like the one below.

If you want to change the name or nickname Among US, here is the complete method:

Login to Game

First you have to log into the game first

Enter the Online Menu

Next, please select the Online menu

Has a Name Bar

After entering the Online menu, all you need to do is have a name bar and proceed with changing the name as desired.

Select Done

When you are sure of the name chosen, click Finish and your name has been changed


You can only change the Among Us nickname using letters only. You are not allowed to use special characters like% @ & #% !. Interestingly, gamers friends can change character names continuously and at any time, even if your name is the same as other players, it doesn’t matter.

This is an explanation of how to change the name Among Us. Hopefully the tutorial described above is useful for gamers friends. Good luck!